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The use of robots everywhere then why the robots not present at the during the world war.

why every time there is soldier for the war if we have good sensible and self aware robots robots.When there will be coal mining process then loads of people will lose life in the mine then why do not we use robots in that case also.So make the best use of robots if they are good sensible and self aware.The world is leading to innovations then why not in the right human direction which will help the generation.when there is a calamity in any country then why do not we use robots to save life of person and people.why robots is only a showcase for every person ,why robots is a demo ,why not we try them in a real case scenario.Obvious use of machines helps people a lot in collecting a lot of appraisal.but i am saying try them out in the outer world not only in your home for demo.I am inspired by your idea and then think where we can use it do a bit more programming which leads the world to a great innovation

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    Jan 22 2012: Excellent and well travelled idea. It is already happening but not at the rate or coverage it needs to. I have posted your solution here on please feel free to add any detail you like!


  • Jan 13 2012: Thanks a lot Mr.Xavier, I got your point.Thanks a lot for such a useful and might be fruitful suggestion for me in future.
    • Jan 14 2012: Don't get me wrong, the idea isn't invalid, its a good idea and will eventually be implemented (as its starting to now with Military bomb disposal, for example)
      Its simply that the technology required is beyond possible, both physically and financially.

      Even the greatest robots at this present moment are considered 'amazing' because of their ability to walk in a straight line unaided and avoid minor objects, so in age-terms a robot can barely equate to a 6 month old child, far away from the ability of a grown adult with expertise in a particular job.

      Just give it a few more decades.
  • Jan 13 2012: Mr.Xavier , I am appreciating your points of view.
    but one thing to you, Have you ever think about how many soldiers we are losing day by day.
    If one robot costs millions then think , after that no need to take extra care of him like wise of human being.
    No extra facility provided to them.No extra funding to them.One time programming will make good future to all of us.
    if one time millions money gives a future satisfaction then what is the harm in it.
    • Jan 13 2012: 'Have you ever think about how many soldiers we are losing day by day.'

      Well to be honest, the fact that so many unsubstantiated wars can take place where so many people are willing to participate, I don't think the loss of soldiers really matters and I don't think finding new and expensive ways to kill people is the way forward either.. Its just inventing other ways to justify war and kill others whilst not killing as many as yourself.
      America already uses drones, so why bother with robots at all? far cheaper and you can kill more people with larger explosions, if we're just going by military death-counts.

      'If one robot costs millions then think , after that no need to take extra care of him like wise of human being.'
      lets say that a robot that can complete a typical soldiers task will cost $4 million (the cost will be VASTLY HIGHER than this; Even a standard F22 fighter jet costs $150 million, with the advanced ones reaching upto $400 million, and thats just preexisting technology for one purpose, a robot made to match a human would be infinitely more expensive)
      There are approximately 1 million serving in the American forces combined.
      4,000,000 x 1,000,000 = $4,000,000,000,000 (Trillion)
      Do you think any military personnel cost exceeds a guaranteed 4 trillion dollar bill?
  • Jan 13 2012: The military does use robots. Quite frequently infact, but the main reason why we don't see them as often as we would like is because of the problem found in your statement -- Robots aren't advanced enough for such jobs as yet.
    As of now, even the most advanced robots available can barely manage the most basic of tasks unless they're being controlled and even then, each robot costs millions to develop.
    You will need to wait a few more years (atleast).