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Should newspapers be truth vigilantes?

Arthur Brisbane, Public Editor for the New York Times wrote an interesting article OpEd today (January 12, 2012) asking "Should the New York Times Be a Truth Vigilante?"

The article can be found here: http://publiceditor.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/01/12/should-the-times-be-a-truth-vigilante/

In a time where people are being bombarded with information, what role (if any) should newspapers play in correcting un-informed, egregiously inaccurate statements? What implications would this have?

To quote Brisbane:

"...[People] look to The [New York] Times to set the record straight. They worry less about reporters imposing their judgment on what is false and what is true.
Is that the prevailing view? And if so, how can The Times do this in a way that is objective and fair? Is it possible to be objective and fair when the reporter is choosing to correct one fact over another? Are there other problems that The Times would face that I haven’t mentioned here?"

Interested to hear your thoughts on this one...


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  • Jan 22 2012: Hi Mr. Jacob, Do you live in New York? ( just asking?)
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      Jan 22 2012: Hi Tishe,

      Actually, I live in Toronto, Canada. However I am in New York regularly.

      Thanks for taking part in the conversation! Trust all is well.

      • Jan 23 2012: Thank you, all is well! I was wondering because, news and newspapers, are different. It depends on the population and the popularity, of said city. My humble opinion. Great question and really interesting responses! :)

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