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Translating JR's TED Prize wish.

i want to share this video with others (many of whom are artists themselves) but have to wait until language translations are provided. in order to further his story authentically, and truly share his wish for making change on a global scale we need to be inclusive and speak one another's languages.
please add captions. thank you.

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    Mar 4 2011: It's normal for new TEDTalks to first be published without transcriptions, and therefore no subtitles in other languages.

    JR's talk was only done two days ago, so it's somewhat unfair to expect a transcript that quick, especially when there are other new talks in need of transcripts.

    You can be sure that once the transcription is available (and it will be soon! It always is!), TED translators will get onto translating this talk into a few of the more popular languages at TED.
  • Mar 14 2011: I just registered as a TEDTranslator because I'm really impressed with JR's work and words. I'd like to translate his talk into Spanish (I also can translate it into German or Portuguese). Is someone already working on the translation? I'm sorry I'm posting this question here. But I couldn't find my way in the translators' section. Is it there a forum for the translators you could kindly direct me to?
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    Mar 10 2011: yup. everyone is waiting TED release the talk to translate. That's an amazing one. Impossible not to smile in every minute of it!
  • Mar 7 2011: I'm a ted translater and I have to tell you that you have to wait at least two weeks before anyone can start translation, and another week in selection.