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Kids are Leaders Now!

It is critical that adults learn to support kids like Adora to BE all that they can BE. As adults, learning life coaching skills like those taught through the International Coach Federation accredited Kids Coaching Connection program will help with encouraging kids like Adora to shine their lights and help make the world a better place for all.

What other programs are out there that focus on supporting adults in learning how to BE with kids more positively and powerfully?


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  • Jan 19 2012: This is a ver good topic, and especially important for kids these days, but let me say that adults can use a significant amount of life coaching as well. The "coaching" field in a variety of areas is a growing profession. Ive heard it said that we could all gain some benefit from a year's worth of therapy. Well, along those lines I believe all of us can also benefit from a little coaching from a qualified individual. It's not psychotherapy...it's real coaching. It's about where we go from here, NOW, without the burdensome past dragging us.

    Good topic. Cheers.

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