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Why do we chase happiness?

If each emotion we experience is for a reason then why do we try to not to experience some of them as they are? Why there is a race for happiness out of the entire range of emotions? Is it a new phenomena or has the happiness always been sought the most? Is it a human need ?


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    Jan 23 2012: Chase equals Pursuit.

    The belief has always been that we pursue happiness.

    But I think the pursuit itself is what fulfills us, though we scant recognize this during the chase.

    Pursuit equals Happiness.
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      Jan 23 2012: YES!!!

      "Remember that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination"
      (Roy M. Goodman)

      When we "recognize" that we can experience happiness within the life journey, we no longer need to chase/pursue it? Perhaps we need to recognize and acknowledge that it is the journey in which we experience happiness/contentment?
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        Jan 23 2012: Mam U have always a great answer... thanks for share.... We r just here bcoz share the exprncs... Now I m seeking here Meaning of life Ted is only Platform ....

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          Jan 23 2012: Hello again Harsh,
          I think it is wonderful that in Hindi language your name..."Harsh" means Happy!!!!
          Wherever you are, you are "Happy" all the time...I LOVE it.

          I agree with you that we are here to share experiences, and I'm grateful for your presence here on TED Harsh. Thank you for your kind words:>)
      • Jan 24 2012: I got a fortune cookie a few months ago that said "Don't pursue happiness. Create it." It made me smile and I carry it around in my work badge. Just thought I would share. You are wise enough to write fortunes. :-)
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          Jan 24 2012: I agree Rosemary,
          We can "create" our life experiences:>)
    • Jan 23 2012: "Pursuit equals Happiness" Thanks Dean.
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      Jan 23 2012: Perfect answer...
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      Jan 23 2012: No, pursuit does not equal happiness.

      Happiness equals happiness.

      "Pursuit" often triggers expectation and hope. You may have observed this in yourself: A twinge of "discomfort," in the moment, followed by the anticipation that "something" will make it better. The something could be more money, more recognition, watching TV, eating food, believing in heaven, etc.

      Then we do (or pursue) the "something" and the discomfort is replaced with expectation and hope ... but only for as long as we keep on moving. When we stop, we feel the discomfort (which never really went a way.)

      We like hope and positive expectation more than we like discomfort so we keep on chasing happiness .... because the pursuit is better than the alternative ... but, as long as we are chasing anything, it means, by definition, we haven't "caught" what we are chasing yet.

      If we "caught" happiness we would not have to do or chase anything.

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