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Does truth change?

Does what is true change from time to time or is it immutable?
Can one thing be true for me and the very opposite true
for you?


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    Jan 12 2012: Hi again Ayesha:>)
    My truth changes based on information I explore and accept at any given time. The world is flat was a truth, based on what people knew at that time. The world is round is truth based on what we think we know at this time.

    It was thought just a few years ago that once the brain was damaged, functions that were "organized" by that part of the brain no longer existed. That was "truth", as science and/or conventional wisdom believed 20-25 years ago. I'm here to tell you that my truth is different, I've had personal experience with this "truth", and science now KNOWS that the brain can create different pathways.

    My belief is that our "truth" changes, based on the information we have at any given time:>) So, yes, I believe that your truth can be different than my truth depending on how we program the brain:>)
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      Jan 12 2012: Very well said. Thank you.
    • Jan 13 2012: Colleen,

      I don't agree completely with your argument. It is not the truth, but our perception changes due to new findings. The world remains in the same shape as it is, by the time, our perception has changed after thorough observations. Perception relates to us, while truth remains ultimate.

      I like your example of neural pathways. Here too, i would say, it is our perception, which changed our knowledge.

      If, we replace truth with perception in your statement, then it makes complete sense :-)
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        Jan 13 2012: The questions asked here are:
        "Does truth change?"..."Can one thing be true for me and the very opposite true for you?"
        That is what I addressed.

        Of course it is our perception, which is why I called it "my truth", and "your truth". I do not choose to change the words in my comment, which is clear and on topic. If "perception" was the topic question, that is how I would address it.
        • Jan 13 2012: i think i agree with the kunal MM,not agree the Steen .
          Because when we use the word true ,i think this true thing is relatively,for the example Steen has told that shape of the world is flat or round is just have meanful of the human who give some definitions of it.Of course in the different period our perception changes so the definition also change is accord of the developping of the human and nature,so the 'turth' used in the human's is relatively,but to the thing itself ,'truth' never change, everthing to itself is absolutely ,
        • Jan 13 2012: It is hard to conceive the terms "my truth" and "your truth". Although the question is about "true", the term "perception" can not be replaced by "my truth" and "your truth".

          Colleen, you may like to point out to relative and absolute truth. I have tried explaining it bit in detail in my main answer thread starting with "mind boggling question!"
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        Jan 13 2012: Dear Kunal,
        I do not percieve this question to be at all "mind boggling", as you do.
        If you look carefully at the definition of "truth", you may discover why:>)
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      Jan 13 2012: It never was the truth if it was only a belief. There are those that knew the world wasn't flat because of a lunar eclipse or because the mast of a ship shows before the hull, even back to antiquity. The world was never flat and just because somebody thought it was didn't make it true. I believe in God, I can't prove the existance of God, therefore "God" is my belief. I know that the world is round (generally) because I have seen the photos from outerspace, can sail or fly around it, and of course lunar eclipses and seeing the mast of a ship first.
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        Jan 13 2012: I agree with your very first statement in another comment Deb...
        "Depends on your definition of "truth"."

        It appears that this conversation is going around with different words to define the topic...truth...belief.....preference..... perception....understanding, etc.

        That's why I like Edwin's statement so much...
        "We got choices: To believe or not to believe or to widen our belief system for what is TRUTH.
        And it is only us who can decide what is what for us".:>)

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