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Does truth change?

Does what is true change from time to time or is it immutable?
Can one thing be true for me and the very opposite true
for you?


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  • Jan 13 2012: In as much as everything is a perception and subjective then it must change. Certainly over time it changes significantly, what was true for those who have gone before is not what is true for us, and our truth will be different to what will be true for those to come. There seems to me to be an arrogance inherent in those who are alive that what they hold as true is definitive, when it is only a matter of time until it all comes crashing down, take the discoveries of what is in the sky or deep in the oceans, or what exists on a nano level, is it true that the Higgs Boson particle exists, almost....

    Mind you it is all a matter of semantics and philosophy, if i lie to you and you believe it, it's true for you, isn't it?

    It's always true that genocide is wrong, isn't it? It should be...

    Anyway it's certainly true for me that questions like this should be kicked around.


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