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if you could make any change in the education system, to aspire creativity, and inspire children and the youth, what would it be?

i myself study at high school, as sometimes feel as if though i am being trained and not taught, how would you, make changed in the education system's? (UK or USA)

i've also read some related conversations on TED, and people have various different view point's, such as that the government is training a bunch of high skilled "factory" workers, just to be contributing to society.

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    Jan 13 2012: First, I would require all teachers, staff and students to participate in freestyle dance everyday before class starts and after the day is over.

    Second, I would throw out every test every created to measure any sort of intellect, because they are all rubbish.

    Third, I would put the children in charge of what they learn, when they learn it and how they learn it, not the state, parents, government or anyone else.
  • Jan 12 2012: The change I would make is to remove standardized testing.

    When I was at school the exams weren't based on the curriculum, the curriculum was based on the exam.
    We'd be permanently rushed through a series of subjects with no chance of going back, leaving many children permanently behind.
    Because our exam questions were unknown we spent almost all of our energy directed towards topics which held absolutely no real-world value, meaning that many would leave school with little/no basic abilities such as basic maths and writing skills; and because our entire curriculum was limited to nothing more than 'sit here, keep quiet and write on this paper', most students simply equated education with boredom and left school and never looked back. The end result is that everyones education suffered, and all to fulfill a nonsensical political quota that turned to have little reflection on the future of the child or provided any realistic detailing of their intelligence or ability.
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    Jan 12 2012: In schools we are actually being schooled and not educated, if you know what I mean and this is a major concern. We need serious education reforms throughout the world to change that.
    For one students should be allowed to chose whichever subjects they want to chose from a young age and study it as much as they want to. They should also be allowed to chose the teacher they want to study under. Students interest in the subject can also eliminate the need of having exams. It seems to idealistic but search Auroville,India.People there have done it.
    • Jan 15 2012: i mostly agree, but at a young age, wouldn't they be immature and maybe just regret it later on inl life? whcih will force them to drop out.
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        Jan 15 2012: But if they are given choices from a young age and also a choice to change their choice, they will soon find something they love. Every man has a passion for which he has talent, it's just that he has to find that passion.