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Are their paths to paid social, humanitarian, environmental jobs without a college degree?

Anyone have any experience finding their own career without a college degree? I would like to find success in a field I could like myself for, but find that lacking a bachelors is a problem.

(I have written this out three times and my pc keeps freezing up on me for reasons unknown so I am adding more in the comments.)

  • Jan 12 2012: I never finished high scool and have a career doing what I love. I'm a recovery coordinator for people with mental illness. I got this job by recovering from a mental illness myself. I now work full time teaching others how to do what I did, recover from schizophrenia. Look really hard at what you know by your experience outside the work place and you may just find you are an expert at some thngs.
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    Jan 12 2012: How many 20 and 30 somethings couldn't figure out what they wanted to do when they were younger, but now that we are older and have some life experience we know how we would like to impact our world? We have witnessed our world become pioneers in the digital age and have had a personal computer since childhood.

    A bit of my story is that I worked my way up from the bottom in logistics to the team lead position of the export department of a small freight forwarding company. From there I went to a larger forwarder and then to a large oil and gas company. In 2009, they began profiting off of a war I didn't agree with and laying off and shipping their employees around the world. I couldn't agree with this and made some changes in life. I moved to upstate NY and worked for a non-profit community health provider. By the end of 2010, NYS was cutting grant funding so about a dozen of us got cut as well. Looking around at the employment landscape of upstate NY I saw little prospects. I moved back to Houston remaining unemployed until May 2011. I now work for a small university, but I feel that I am wasting my skills, talents, and learned knowledge doing absolutely nothing all day. I know I can be put to better use out here in the real world, but I am not finding an employer who is willing to give me a chance due to longevity and lack of a degree.

    So, this goes back to my original question...are there paths to enlightened success without a college degree?