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How do you define "being successful"?

the answers varies between people. how is the general one.i love the job i am doing except being too busy during holidays, why i am still holding on is i want to earn enough money for my overseas study. i am succeful in someones' eyes- get the job others admire. but life road will not stop here. it is a real long road.sometimes i feel difficult to stick to my dream...


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    Jan 15 2012: its an very good question actually..........im not an very good definer but i will give it a try.U make a goal,something you want to become.like an physicist or something.your main goal is an thing......when you obtain the goal and you are happy about it then it can be coined as success.with success you will get happiness automatically.
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      Jan 15 2012: Namaste !!!!

      sometimes it is like Easier said than done....on one can predict what will happy 2moro. on some occasions, one have to sacrifice a lot to become succesful. at this moment, i hardly think one can feel happy. Similarly, an ordinary person without any achievement, he will probably feel happy always.

      it is a little bit contradicted. do u think ?

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