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How do you define "being successful"?

the answers varies between people. how is the general one.i love the job i am doing except being too busy during holidays, why i am still holding on is i want to earn enough money for my overseas study. i am succeful in someones' eyes- get the job others admire. but life road will not stop here. it is a real long road.sometimes i feel difficult to stick to my dream...


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  • Jan 13 2012: Happieness, nothing more nothing less. Life can always get better and it can also get worse, and it will. But happieness is the true measure of one's sucess. I do not need to achieve my "ultimate dream" to feel sucessful, I need to be happy. I do not need to have the white picket fence, the wife and kids to feel sucessful, if I have love and I am happy with it, than I am a sucess. The problem is that people put a value on happieness, only when they achieve something grand do they think that they have become sucessful, only to then realise that they arent happy, it was all a mirage in a desert, an image of themselves they will never achieve and will never bring the feeling of happieness and therefor never the feeling of sucess. If one woke up in the morning and saw what he or she had, family, friends, love, a roof over their heads, food on the table and enough money to allow one to smile and laugh and take a breath every now and again, one should consider him/herself a sucess. I am a sucess, I am happy. I could ask for nothing more.

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