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How do you define "being successful"?

the answers varies between people. how is the general one.i love the job i am doing except being too busy during holidays, why i am still holding on is i want to earn enough money for my overseas study. i am succeful in someones' eyes- get the job others admire. but life road will not stop here. it is a real long road.sometimes i feel difficult to stick to my dream...


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    Jan 12 2012: To define “what is being successful”, I think you have to begin with, “what is success”.

    Whether it’s your personal success, or that of your business, I believe success is a combination of two factors – Achievement and Fulfillment.

    Achievement definitions are generally linear. Cross the finish line and you’ve won. Be the last one left standing on the reality show and you take home the prize. Fulfillment comes from your Core Values – the foundation of your being and the guideposts for your most critical decisions.

    Success is not just cold, hard accomplishment, nor is it a Sunday afternoon Made For TV movie. Success needs both achievement and fulfillment, in some kind of symbiotic, emotional balance that creates the conditions for you to live a good, safe, healthy and rewarding life.

    If you’re interested, I wrote a short article on the subject of success from a business perspective at http://createtheconditions.com/what-is-success/.

    One last thought... what you consider success today may not be how you will view it tomorrow, or next year, or in ten years. We change. The world changes. And along with those things, so does our definition of success.

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