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How do you define "being successful"?

the answers varies between people. how is the general one.i love the job i am doing except being too busy during holidays, why i am still holding on is i want to earn enough money for my overseas study. i am succeful in someones' eyes- get the job others admire. but life road will not stop here. it is a real long road.sometimes i feel difficult to stick to my dream...

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    Jan 12 2012: What makes someone successful? Depends on when you asked me this question.

    At 17 I would have said finishing university.
    At 20 I would have said finding a good paying job in my field.
    At 22 I would have said getting accepted to a graduate program.
    At 25 I would have said being completely financially independent from my parents and living on my own.

    At 30 - once I had finished university, earned the graduate degree, found the excellent paying job, and had become completely financially independent - I considered success getting the hell out of a high paying job I hated and was a poor fit for my skills, talents, strengths, and capabilities with my sanity intact.

    We are all taught from an early age to go along with the regularly scheduled program. Just check off the boxes, and you too can someday be a success! Then one day - maybe between checking boxes 8 and 9 we lift our heads and say, "well how the hell did I get here?!? I'm not very happy, but I don't know how to change directions." We realize that doing all the things we thought would make us successful haven't really made us happy or fulfilled.

    Some people put down their checklist, stand up, break a window, jump out, and run like hell.

    Most people lower their heads and continue checking boxes.

    I jumped, ran, and never looked back.

    At 32 I define being successful as living life on my own terms and handling come what may with grace and dignity.
    Will my definition change as I age? Probably. But I am finally comfortable with the direction I am running in.
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        Jan 12 2012: Thank you for the kind words Heather. I am on a mission to help as many people as possible find their own niche in life.
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    Jan 12 2012: I would like to quote Ralph Waldo Emerson on this.

    To laugh often and much;
    to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children;
    to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends;
    to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others;
    to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition;
    to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived.
    This is to have succeeded.
  • Jan 16 2012: Successful means going to bed every night with a contented smile.

    To me being successful is being happy, not having achieved the best, or he most, or even done my best. Its all about achieving the goals you want to achieve. If those goals are to be relaxing in the garden all weekend with a beer and book, then so be it.

    For others this might not be enough and they want to be jet setting all over the world. There is not line in the sand that marks every one as successful or not successful, we draw our own lines and it is up to use to decided if we meet them.

    I think this all goes back to core values, the driving force behind us all. Some people are driven by money, some by completion and wanting to be the best, other by happiness. I would say I am driven by the feeling of content, and wanting to end each day knowing my family and friends are OK, that I am doing my bit to improve the world, and there is a secure roof over my families head and food on the table.

    Achieving your goals may not be quite right, more moving towards rather than away, if you goals are getting closer then you can say you are successful, if they are moving away may be not so much.
  • Jan 15 2012: Our desires are the cause for our thoughts
    Our thoughts are the cause for our actions.
    Our actions are the cause for our results.
    Our results in turn fuel new desires.

    Success can be defined either in the domain of desires or aspirations or actions or results.

    Knowingly or unknowingly, we have been conditioned to define success in terms of results achieved. Is it incorrect? I do not think so. But at the same time, we need to understand results are applicable to a point in time. The fact that one has achieved some thing is not a guarantee that the person is entitled or will achieve the result all through the life. We cannot control outcomes/results.

    Next, we can define success in terms of actions. Actions are pretty much in our control. One of the best definitions that I came across is from John wooden. He defines success is the peace that comes from knowing that one has put best possible effort to achieve the best outcome in a given situation. To live our lives to this definition, we need to lead a life of discipline. Here one uses emotions of anxiety, pressure, uncomfortable position to bring the best effort.

    Similarly, one can also define success in the domain of thoughts. Here, success equates quality of thoughts. High quality thoughts deliver empowerment, will power and personal strength to act. Low quality thoughts usually will dis-empower us and create negative emotions and toxins in our bodies. No actions or actions without interest or incorrect actions usually ensue from low quality thoughts.

    Finally, success can be defined in the domain of desires (needs and wants). At this stage one need to ask 'what is life". To some life is surviving well(meeting physical, emotional, social needs) and to some others it is surviving well plus additional interests that one gladly undertakes without need for any reward. Success here equates to entertaining responsible desires.

    One needs to personally define success across all domains.
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    Jan 14 2012: Being successful : is when in creating wellness for yourself, you create wellness for others.
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    Jan 12 2012: Its too simple.. when you are happy in day and sleep well in night.

    I am sorry, I just think basics are important.
  • Jan 16 2012: Success is best described as transcending failure. What you determine failure to be is subject to your own beliefs, desires.....
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      Jan 16 2012: sometimes things are not as that simple
  • Jan 13 2012: Happieness, nothing more nothing less. Life can always get better and it can also get worse, and it will. But happieness is the true measure of one's sucess. I do not need to achieve my "ultimate dream" to feel sucessful, I need to be happy. I do not need to have the white picket fence, the wife and kids to feel sucessful, if I have love and I am happy with it, than I am a sucess. The problem is that people put a value on happieness, only when they achieve something grand do they think that they have become sucessful, only to then realise that they arent happy, it was all a mirage in a desert, an image of themselves they will never achieve and will never bring the feeling of happieness and therefor never the feeling of sucess. If one woke up in the morning and saw what he or she had, family, friends, love, a roof over their heads, food on the table and enough money to allow one to smile and laugh and take a breath every now and again, one should consider him/herself a sucess. I am a sucess, I am happy. I could ask for nothing more.
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    Jan 13 2012: Unfortunately we live in a society, that bombards us daily with social standards and social rules,either in the fashion,or the communication,or the meaning of success etc All about the money...Like you said and i couldn't agree more the word success is totally connected with the job and money and ofcourse the others expectations . As many psychological experiments show us,one of the first target in life is to be acceptable from the others..forgetting our dreams and our expectations from ourselfs.
    So a woman who the only thing she wanted in life was to have a beautiful family than a carreer and she succeeded it would never be called from the public (and from herself as well) as a succcesfull woman, wich in my opinion is unexeptable...
    I admire the people who stand for their ideas and their believes...and despite the fact they may not be acceptable from the others...they are fullfild and succesfull for themselfs...and that's what matters....
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    Jan 13 2012: "Being successful" is being truly happy with the things you already have in your life and thinking that it can't get better than this (even if it does!).
  • Jan 12 2012: Being free and happy and living in accordance with one's own highest awareness of what is right.......Having positive impacts on other living beings and on those who will live in the future.......Havin' fun.......
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    Jan 12 2012: I think we put to much emphasis on the word success. I myself am more concerned with being fruitful." There is a great difference between successfulness and fruitfulness. Success comes from strength, control, and respectability. A successful person has the energy to create something, to keep control over its development, and to make it available in large quantities. Success brings many rewards and often fame. Fruits, however, come from weakness and vulnerability. And fruits are unique. A child is the fruit conceived in vulnerability, community is the fruit born through shared brokenness, and intimacy is the fruit that grows through touching one another’s wounds. Let’s remind one another that what brings us true joy is not successfulness but fruitfulness.” ~Henri Nouwen
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    Jan 12 2012: If you talk about define being successfull well it might be variant to people. Well i am personally defines succesfull its not about how much you will earn your degree, or how much money you will get on your life,but how much i give thankfull everything i have been achieve on my life so far, life is not about we have perfect life but see beyond imperfection from our life. I have two main point of view about this if we see from social life perspective.

    First there is someone who have good education,career, happy family,sucess etc but he/she never feel happy with what was he/she get on his/her life. Probably we have question how can someone as we see have perfect life didnt feel happy?

    Second there is someone who cant have good education because of his/her family financial situation,have a lot of problem on his/her life,jobless etc but always seems happy around people. Then we will have question how can he/she feel with that situation?

    I have my conclusion about two main point perspective above. there is have same answered if we never give thankfull with what was we achieve in our life we cant really defines succesfull. succesfull is unlimited definition. Sometime we see people more sucessfull than us but they say we more successfull than people. Succesfull is what was you feel about yourself itsnot about people opinion but your point of view about your life.
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    Jan 12 2012: To me it seems being successful is when lots of coincidence happen which sooner or later result in something positive for you. Therefore, a success is a coincidence which makes something positive.
    Then, success may be quite short-time while happiness is the other thing and it's more long-lasting and it depends more on you (attitudes, actions made to create fulfilling environment for yourself etc.), not on circumstances and coincidences.
    When the one basically feels herself/himself happy, it's probably less hard to cope with any bad coincidence (when there's no success).
    It's sometimes said that we should better change our minds about something wrong happened, change the attitude. And a terrible situation may become a very very good lesson, some space for learning.
    So, I suppose, we all should look for happiness, if we are about to find it, we are less dependent on success, on coincidences, we would be those who control the life.
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      Jan 12 2012: Dear Julija, i can not agree with you anymore.
      Attitude is essential on the way to become constantly successful.
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        Jan 12 2012: CONSTANTLY successful?
        I absolutely agree that the one MUST have some special attitudes when s/he has constant success.
        I do not think that directly successful cases could appear in ones life all the time, also I do not believe, the certain attitudes would 'attract' successful situations, even though this idea gets quite popular. I think, the special attitudes make you see that everything has something good, or actually allow you to see only that good and play with it, enjoy it.
        I suppose, the special attitudes - happiness - constant success is almost synonyms while happiness and success are not.
        Only a happy person can reach 'constant' success; while unhappy person may get some 'simple' success (that may bring the feeling of happiness for a while) in one or another situation, but not 'constant' success, I guess...
        I've search for some explanation on Italian words felicita and fortuna, I got to an Italian film called 'La Felicita porta fortuna' (Happy go lucky). I did not watched the film, but I suppose it's about the right things = ] I guess, It's successful=lucky here.
        I've looked on the internet for the usage of happy-fortunate-lucky-successful, I see the meanings of them all are so confused. Maybe I do not get the right meaning of English 'success' myself and am writing about luck or fortune.
        But all these 3 words - success, luckiness, fortune - can be translated into Italian as fortuna. And fortuna means something which is out of our power. (But we can always change the mind about what's happening, of course, the mind is ours.)
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          Jan 12 2012: I too got the impression that you used success more as being lucky Julija but your analysis wasn't bad at all. Doing what you like, enjoying what you do gives a good feeling and that's all you need for success.
          It sometimes is a bit tricky with the usage of words. Success is a Dutch word as well as we share more words with English but often the meaning or usage in English can be slightly different and hard to see.

          Being grateful makes you happy, success makes you grateful, being at peace.
  • Jan 16 2012: if anyone, listenig you till your speech is not over, then u can be a sucessful........one.
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      Jan 17 2012: ok how can u help me to be successful in this regard?
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    Jan 16 2012: doesn't being traditionally successful mean you will eventually become bored with all things? As i get older i am starting to think that being successful means not winning all the time and still being satisfied. Is a dream still a dream if it becomes reality? i don't think being content is the right answer.

    For an easy summation of the above rambelings, i would say being successful means doing ALL things to the best of your ability as to never have a regret or ever questioning your self-worth.
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      Jan 17 2012: yes, sure...never regret by what u hv done
  • Jan 16 2012: When I am truly satisfied with myself.
    No matter what other people say, when I am so pleased with my life circumstances:)
    And not only that, because of my 'self-fullness', someone who is around me also could be affected by my delightful energy.

    Feel satisfaction and spread my pleasing power to others...
    I think that is "being successful".
    And the wonderful thing is that that could be infectious, like epidemic :)
  • Jan 16 2012: success means that you do the things you truly love no matter how much money you earned.
    also as long as you can live a healthy and joyful life ,then you are successful.
    i am a college student and faced with the pressure of finding a job.you know finding a job is quite difficult in China.let alone a decent job . and i always asked myself "how could i be succcessful?"through many exams and lots of failures,i find that sometimes "success"means nothing ,even you are a billionaire.you can't afford one's true love .
    so in my heart "success" means you have tried your best to do one thing whether it works or not.
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      Jan 17 2012: hey there u get a very positive attitute towards life, which is an indispensable part in achieving yr goal

      Send my best wishes
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    Jan 16 2012: "being successful" means to get what you thinks for, achieving what you wants.....
  • Jan 16 2012: Success is doing the best you can that day and accepting yourself for who you are. Success is being able to sleep at night with a clear conscious. Success is realizing "success" does not come from other peoples opinions. Success is being able to encourage someone else and do random acts of kindness "just because"!
  • Jan 16 2012: I have heard it said (can't remember who said it) that being successful is having enough of what you are striving for to share with someone else. Sounds profound and realistic.
  • Jan 16 2012: To be successful. you have had to have done something to the best of your ability........................................
  • Jan 16 2012: You hear this question a lot. For me the real or more profound question is can I touch (success) it can I feel (success) it. I don't want to define something that I aspire in a way that I can not obtain. My grandfather described success as being "Better than your parents". He went on to explain that it just wasn't fair for an individual (i modified it to include a Society) who presumably would have so much more than his parents (technological advances, life expectancy, etc...) and yet do less or worse NOTHING. Everyday I live to do as much with what I have... imagined or real. Easier said than done, I know... But you have to start from somewhere..
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      Jan 16 2012: tkx for yr explanation fm an unique perspective. i admit it is hard to define success, but how to compare success with parents? is it based on the practical consideration? As it is known to all, offsprings are likely to be better than their previous generations. It is called evolution. There is an old saying in China also express the same meaning “As in the Changjiang River the waves behind drive on those ahead, so each new generation excels the last one”

      share my understanding with you, and welocme yr comments
  • Jan 15 2012: i need some direction i mentor .. i am sucessful . i will never give up with my ambition . i feel like im David fighting goliath ... and i am going to succeed is there anyone out there that has some thought to my mind set ?
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      Jan 16 2012: I believe success always (and I lay emphasis on this word) gets defined by how "others see us". We are successful seldom in our own eyes but in the eyes of others. The other could be anyone, it could sometimes be a neighbor we don't speak with. However, we always have these relationships/connections with people who define success for us. For example: I may have a relationship with a person who does not speak with me, but looks at my car with admiration (or jealousy) as I drive out of my garage!

      For reaching the correct state of mind, de-cluttering is the only way. There is clutter of judgements that people cast on us all the time (or we perceive that they do, the importance of this perception in our mind is what is relevant here).

      If we just think about what is important to us (without it being based in being judged by others), we can come to the conclusion that there is very little to really "worry" about. That is the level from where one must start.

      This will give you a clean slate (mentally), a fresh perspective (maybe start looking at the same old things with new eyes) and a belief that there really is so little to chase after. Once established, you can start to build from your present state (financially / socially) and get back in the "game".

      I know it sounds quite simple, but who said it was!! It seems like you are out to conquer the world, but gets easier as you go along. All the very best !!
  • Jan 15 2012: here is my deal , i have done advertising for the Auto industry for 16 years , i have done everything that has been asked of me , im creative, and now i am being shunned out due to the company that i work for wants to do everything in house so im no longer needed or this is how i feel . i invent things and come up with a couple good ideas. i guess im scared of change . or im over pleaseing to people or customers . and i need advice . work is very slow and i somehow need to get moving again in my direction for my family and my self . im a very hard worker . and make things happen. and i feel im being punished for doing a great job at what i do . im like on top of the ladder and others need to knock me off ...

    im just messed up in the head i guess
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      Jan 16 2012: quote:True success is measured, by the quality of lasting inner happiness arrived at through living in Realty not a fantasy that is lived simply to impress or please others, parents, family, or the social scene. "unquote

      fm Patrick McCarthy

      i hope it will give u some tips
  • Jan 15 2012: Happiness, the answer is simple. do what you love and ake money off it, whether that be photography or writing software, you can become successful in any aspect of life. Good luck !
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    Jan 15 2012: Actually I think you just doubt your own road.Just stick to your dream.
    There are two success in this world.One is "your own success",the other is "the success from others".
    You can not contorl how the other think about you.The only thing you can do is achieve your target.The changing of you proves that you are success.
    All above are my opinions,I hope those can help you.

    PS:So poor my english is.I think i am speaking chinglish
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      Jan 15 2012: thx dude, i think your attitude is clear. no matteh what condition is, one should stick to one's dream, or let's say. target.

      Besides encouragement fm u, i think diligence and technique are essential on the road to achieve sth.
  • Jan 15 2012: "being successful"?
    I think It depends on the "daily cult".
    What does this mean?
    Because of Life is made up of numerous days.
    A day? It means today.
    If you want to get success, You must have the ability to manage the 'Today'.
    I think it is the power to control the habit.
    If you know this well, You're already walking down this road.

    P.S. I speak English poor. If you look in the wrong sentences, Please correct me.
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      Jan 15 2012: 감사합니다/고맙습니다...

      can i understand yours like ; one should make full use of today, which is the basic to achieve final success?
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    Jan 15 2012: its an very good question actually..........im not an very good definer but i will give it a try.U make a goal,something you want to become.like an physicist or something.your main goal is an thing......when you obtain the goal and you are happy about it then it can be coined as success.with success you will get happiness automatically.
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      Jan 15 2012: Namaste !!!!

      sometimes it is like Easier said than done....on one can predict what will happy 2moro. on some occasions, one have to sacrifice a lot to become succesful. at this moment, i hardly think one can feel happy. Similarly, an ordinary person without any achievement, he will probably feel happy always.

      it is a little bit contradicted. do u think ?
  • Jan 15 2012: Happiness comes from inside. Nothing you have or don't have outside can effect what's happening inside....if your true higher self has been activated. Cars, friends, possessions, titles, awards, youth, beauty, status, money, and other people's opinions are all superficial, momentary, and changeable. What really matters is you. In order to find, know and like yourself, it takes hard work, self introspection, courage, perseverance, and wisdom. If you seek these qualities you can become happy with yourself. No one knows but you. Its a personal thing. One thing is for sure.... life is filled with delusions and disappointments. Inspite of it all there is always Hope. No matter what anyone else says or does, you can become truly happy; and you have every right to. I sincerely hope you will become truly happy. That is my wish for you.
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      Jan 15 2012: dear Philip , it is really appreciated. Yes, i like yr definitiaon - truly happy--
      nothing can affect our inside where happiness is.

      tkx again

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    Jan 15 2012: I think TRUE SUCCESS is arrived at in life when Life is lived CONSCIOUSLY.

    Do not waste your life seeking admiration from others to assist in your self worth. The world says that doing the right job, or winning the lottery or becoming famous is being successful, and in a way it is just a little right.

    True success is measured, by the quality of lasting inner happiness arrived at through living in Realty not a fantasy that is lived simply to impress or please others, parents, family, or the social scene.
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    Jan 15 2012: Achieving more that what you wanted and expected, being happy with the results and making others better human beings.
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    Jan 15 2012: To me success is happiness. To achieve happiness one has to be satisfied. To be satisfied one needs to be content. Success has to be measurable. If it is not measurable, it does not exist. Be Content and live wholeheartedly. That's success.
  • Jan 15 2012: Success is pretty hard to gauge. In my mind, being successful - at least in terms of business - is being to do what you love in a way that prolongs your ability to do what you love or at least are interested in. It isn't necessarily a point of profitability.

    For example, if you're an artist, you're successful in the fact that you're at least able to garner enough attention to be able to continue funding your art and your life. While this might seem like subsistence living, it's not something that prevents mainstream success and making heavy profits. It's more something that allows for the continued existence as an artist.

    Also if you look toward corporations, the things that would lead to higher success for corporations are, in the short term, not necessarily profitable. Just in terms of the whole current online media piracy debate that spawned the SOPA and PIPA bills in America, there's something that the entertainment corporations that are pushing for those bills are forgetting. In the long run, media piracy - unless the groups release bad products or government regulation makes it impossible to get such media legally - just ends up creating larger markets and future customers. So in the short term, there might be a drop in profits. But in the long term, profits rise because of piracy through the creation of new markets and a larger customer base. This isn't an advocacy of piracy, but it is looking at things realistically.
  • Jan 14 2012: "being successful" in what exactly?

    Ex: I couldn't succeed in learning to play guitar / piano (does this make me being unsuccessful?)
    but I could succeed in learning five foreign languages in a short period of time. (does this make me being successful?)

    If it is just in general then here what I can say.

    happiness is the key to success. and if you want to be happy, BE.
    this will lead you to be successful.
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    Jan 14 2012: Reading through some of these I found some insightful sentiments.

    Joseph Davidson said "being successful isn't a milestone, but a pathway"

    Dilip BK Sunar said "when you are happy in day and sleep well in night" that is success.

    Perhaps it is wrong to think as success as a materialistic object, I am not sure you can actually HAVE success, its more of a way of getting to the things we desire. As a result, I never want to say I have succeeded. I am succeeding.
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    Jan 14 2012: If it's about money I recommend Robert Kiyosaki business model aka (E.S.B.I) model, stop exchanging your time for money.
    If it's about sticking to your dream first you have to make it S.M.A.R.T dream (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Framed), always put your dream in front of your eyes, write it on your board where you can see it all the time, find your compelling reason to achieve this dream.
    why did I choose this dream?
    why it's important to me?
    what are the consequence of not achieving it?
    and why would that worry me?
    If you answered these questions you will help yourself to stick to your dream
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    Jan 13 2012: To do what you want and believe in ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVWazHTunSI In my humble opinion I daresay being the best version of yourself counts as success. :)
  • Jan 13 2012: Finding your place in society, where you contribute and receive in fair shares?
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    Jan 13 2012: You feel difficult to stick your dream but after you achieve it, do you feel happy and being successful? People admired you because you got a job that they couldn't be able to achive but others might be don't care. Why? Overseas study is your dream, isn't it? But there are a lot of people who just graduated from local university but they were still become famous than any other. Why?
    Let's plan your future, set a specific goal then your will soonly stick to your dream.
  • Jan 13 2012: oh ,great i have the same idea as u , i also have a job many person feel is good enought ,but i also have some dreams that after i back home i will learnning the english by myself ,because i want a job that can use the english in the daily life ,but i feel is hard to find a work that both u like do it and it suit for you character,i also feel difficult to stick to my dream.
    But i have a advice for u ,if u want do something ,you need have a plan to learn something that is good for you plan,you need make a goal that divided in a year, every month what you need to do ,every week what you need to do and so on ,if you can insist studying the plan you make for yourself ,at least half a year,so this thing is real thing what you want to do ,so you can do it.
    we just have one chance living in the world, especially the youth is very improtant for u ,after these period you don't have time or energy to do what you want ,if you don't have some try ,you will regret when you old,you can image the pic when you are old ,you watch the sky outside the window,what you are feeling if you don't even have a courage to try something you want to do?just do it ,if false u begin,if flase again ,just try more times,the life is special for you,you life will have meanning just for you, don't take other people's opinion too much in your mind,the god give you a life ,you need work hard to do what you want .
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      Jan 13 2012: thank you dude. try the best before it is too late.
      btw where r u ? china?
  • Jan 12 2012: for me, being successful ishavin all the things my innate abilities can afford and that no person will be able to take away from me-knowledge,capabilities,inner satisfaction,etc.its not the money,material things but wht you have got that is respectfully yours-the mental ability to recreate those material things even when lthe are lost.
  • Jan 12 2012: Being able to do what I want at any time without finances being a concern.
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    Jan 12 2012: Your point of view for success may differ than others, it depends on what you want, if you want others to tell you have succeed then follow their rules,If you want to feel satisfied then follow
    your heart.
    Success is about what makes you feel good after doing it, if you made what you have to do honestly in a way makes you happy doing it and support your complacency then you have achieved success
    In my opinion success is not about doing things perfectly
    but it's about appreciating you effort and enjoying what you do
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    Jan 12 2012: I have to only partially agree with some of the sentiments here. I don't believe that you "achieve" success or reach it like a destination...I believe that success is a journey, a process.

    Leadership guru John Maxwell states "Success is knowing your purpose in life, sowing seeds that benefit others, and growing to your maximum potential.

    Remember, no advice on success works unless you do!
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    Jan 12 2012: To me, "being successful" = achieving something in life.
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    Jan 12 2012: At the end if you feel satisfied with what you did over the course of the day, that's success!!
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    Jan 12 2012: You reached success if you don´t anylonger strive for it. Getting it means leaving it.

    So why not forget about the pressure of success and do what you like how you like it?
    Don´t care about the rules of success.
    Strange enough - THEN you will find many people who also will tell you then that you are quite succesfull... smile....
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    Jan 12 2012: To define “what is being successful”, I think you have to begin with, “what is success”.

    Whether it’s your personal success, or that of your business, I believe success is a combination of two factors – Achievement and Fulfillment.

    Achievement definitions are generally linear. Cross the finish line and you’ve won. Be the last one left standing on the reality show and you take home the prize. Fulfillment comes from your Core Values – the foundation of your being and the guideposts for your most critical decisions.

    Success is not just cold, hard accomplishment, nor is it a Sunday afternoon Made For TV movie. Success needs both achievement and fulfillment, in some kind of symbiotic, emotional balance that creates the conditions for you to live a good, safe, healthy and rewarding life.

    If you’re interested, I wrote a short article on the subject of success from a business perspective at http://createtheconditions.com/what-is-success/.

    One last thought... what you consider success today may not be how you will view it tomorrow, or next year, or in ten years. We change. The world changes. And along with those things, so does our definition of success.
  • Jan 12 2012: i think being successful is when s/he has Trget, Plan, A ccuracy of implementation.
  • Jan 12 2012: The key to this question depends on how people view or value them. We cannot answer absolutely. In my opinion, being successful means achieving things that you have never tried before , whic makes you happy and comfortable. transcend yourself and fullfill your inner heart. That is what I mean by being successful.
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      Jan 12 2012: thanks lady barbara for sharing the news with me. i believe you are succesful INDEED. Howeover, on the contrary, sometimes one will feel even more desperate by doing things never try before. It will make him feel uncomfortalbe or losing confidence, let alone being happy.
      • Jan 14 2012: Firstly, thank you for your compliment. INDEED, up to now, I canot call myself " being successful", but I am trying my best to make myself close to success, Let us discuss our topic. You said one will feel even more desperate bydoing things never try before, I wonder in what kind of circumstances will that happen? Maybe some donot lead a chanllenging life at all, thus they may be feel desperate. However, there is a saying " your can never view the whole sight untill you reach the top pf the mount." Likewise, personally I feel that challenging can make me have a sense of success. Maybe you disagree with me, some people donot want a life full of challenge, they just wanna do every day work whiich make them feel successful. I reckon that that is a king of being successful. Being successful is an attitude on how people define it and pursue it . It varies on different people's different opinions. Haha, what I said above is my opinion , it does not represent others'. Thanks for allowing me to share my points with you.
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          Jan 14 2012: good morning, Lady Barbara. you are right."Being succeful" is a concept varies among people.Like you mentioned, one can still live like a king, or face every possible challenge. It is their attitute towards life. I agree with you that one should never stop challending or fully satisfy with current achievement. It is never too late to step further.

          However, i feel, sometimes, hard to stick on my goal. Maybe the goal is beyond my ability.it is quite common on the way to fulfill the goal, isn't it? I think most people will feel the same. The thing is how to address it, let;s say stress. Stress divides people into 2 groups. One: conquer it and closer to success. the other: be conqured and farther to success.

          Thanks for sharing my points with you. Welcome your comments

      • Jan 14 2012: Hey, when I saw your respond, it is almost noon.So I prefer to greet as Good Noon! Yang. Definitely sometimes people are far from their dreams even they have tried so hard to get close to them. Even I once confronted with that situation, too. I felt sorrowful and asked myself :" Why I tried so hard, but life doesnot rewards me what I had deserved?" Even several times I cried and did not know whether I should hold on to. Life is a conflict ,even a paradox. We canot change life the way it is. But we can adjust the the way we are.We all learn that we human beings are the smallest element of the universe, we have no power to alter the world, but we can self-adjusted.
        The point is what you did should not be sorry for yourself. It is not easy for a human being to live.So as for me, I smile to myelf and keep a great spirit everyday morning when the sun rises up because only you yourself could deeply understand and care youself. We need success, but we cannot go to extreme only to b successful. Tomorrow , whether success will come to our life or not, is a mystery we should cherish!
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          Jan 14 2012: Good day, Lady Barbara, thx for yr comments. I completely agree.
          it seems this topic endless, however we,ourself, know the criterion and follow it accordingly.
          i have similar experience, and i think it is also familiar for others.

          thanks REALLY.
  • Jan 12 2012: Success in general is all a matter of perspective. Leonardo da Vinci was never satisfied with his work - work which is considered by the world to be some of the greatest art (and science) of all time. No one is ever satisfied with what they have achieved so far in their lives - at least not the unambitious ones. I feel that being successful isn't a milestone, but a pathway. It is constantly improving yourself. I'm a fan of the word the Greeks used, arete, meaning striving for the highest level of excellence in all things.

    Educated yourself. Learn to enhance your senses and experience new things. Work out! Work hard at your job. Never be satisfied with your achievements thus far - always strive for more. When you are progressing at the level of your highest potential, you are "being successful."
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      Jan 12 2012: Maybe success is just the opposite of failure.
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        Jan 12 2012: Dear Frans, short but to the point! it is a precise abstract based on your experience.
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      Jan 12 2012: Thanks Joseph, can i take it as a saying from Steve Jobs -- Stay Hungry and stay foolish

      i do agree that one should never be satisfied with current achievement, but try an all out efforts to achieve higer goals. But it is not hard to image how difficult to do that. One lost confidence in it, and sometimes even worse. In this regard, i think the attitude is quite important.

      What's yr understanding?