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Tiny "Micro Clusters" using the increasingly powerful ARM SoC.

It's simple, the future of open-source computing can easily be revolutionized through the use of micro clusters. is optimizing the work of the know relatively well know Raspberry Pi. for 20-25 you can have a 1.5Ghz ARM CPU complete with RAM, 1080p decoding, and a host of v7 features. That means for 500 dollars you can buy 20 of these little beasts (just about the dimensions of a credit card) Ethernet interlink (just like a regular cluster), and suddenly you have a supercomputer you can carry. This opens many possibilities for people who couldn't afford a more traditional server set-up. at 500!, for 1000 you could have a 4G LTE compatible mobile version!, with 4TB's of space, quite some server potential!