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Does punctuation and spelling still matter?

Punctuation marks are symbols that indicate structure and organisation. Spelling is the action of writing symbols so that these constitute meaningful structure (words) that in turn create longer structures (sentences, paragraphs, etc.) that convey meaning.

But in the current world where technology is used more and more for communication purposes, what is the importance of correct spelling and punctuation? Isn't spelling reform a good idea? Do we still need punctuation?

Candidate for a Pullet Surprise
by Mark Eckman and Jerrold H. Zar

I have a spelling checker,
It came with my PC.
It plane lee marks four my revue
Miss steaks aye can knot sea.

Eye ran this poem threw it,
Your sure reel glad two no.
Its vary polished in it's weigh.
My checker tolled me sew.

A checker is a bless sing,
It freeze yew lodes of thyme.
It helps me right awl stiles two reed,
And aides me when eye rime.

Each frays come posed up on my screen
Eye trussed too bee a joule.
The checker pours o'er every word
To cheque sum spelling rule.

Bee fore a veiling checker's
Hour spelling mite decline,
And if we're lacks oar have a laps,
We wood bee maid too wine.

Butt now bee cause my spelling
Is checked with such grate flare,
Their are know fault's with in my cite,
Of nun eye am a wear.

Now spelling does knot phase me,
It does knot bring a tier.
My pay purrs awl due glad den
With wrapped word's fare as hear.

To rite with care is quite a feet
Of witch won should bee proud,
And wee mussed dew the best wee can,
Sew flaw's are knot aloud.
Sow ewe can sea why aye dew prays
Such soft wear four pea seas,
And why eye brake in two averse
Buy righting want too pleas.


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  • Jan 12 2012: Spot on with this Ecaterina, and what a great name. I'm not that uptight about much stuff, I think, but spelling and grammar, or the lack of one and misuse of the other, do make me seethe with rage.

    I have recently started to learn how to teach and the inability to spell of some 17 year old kids is frightening, but what I find even more worrying is how rarely they are being corrected. One is a direct consequence of the other.

    I'm guilty of texting with all the usual abbreviations and phonic spellings but I also firmly believe that language is fluid and constantly evolving and there is space for both to coexist. It's just that they are not mutually exclusive and the trends for texting come underneath the need for correct spelling and grammar on a list of priorities.

    Anyway the reasons I think they do matter, and matter greatly, is firstly that they just do and secondly, they are indicative of how education in general is faring and how much attention to detail is being undertaken, and lastly they are, I believe, indicative of how much reading is being done (and life without literature in all its forms would be horribly barren).

    That's my contribution for what it's worth.

    Kind regards


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