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enough usb stick!

Hello everyone, I am an Italian boy,
and create programs for windows know when I was 11 years.

for example :
have an important meeting, and it quickly falls on cd or usb with your information for the meeting.
currently not realize it, and I imagine that someone has already happened,
but at the time of your turn, you seek your information, and without you know it you're already sitting at the entrance to second company, with the torn shirt and pants full of mud.
At that moment you realize you left the work at home and realized that they were fired, but it is too late to remedy.
Imagine instead of having used a program that stores data on a server,
arrive at work and on your turn, you have all your data, and your boss will compliment you because you were the only ones who have brought your document, while others still use the USB, there are those who have forgotten at home, who fell in the coffee and had breakfast, those who have forgotten to copy the data on USB, the usb has been dropped in the toilet.
has happened to me, I had an external hard drive, my brother, while I was in ascuola has dropped from my desk and I destroyed it,
and the day after the science teacher gave me 2 notes,
1) I have not assigned by the Proto Research Professor.
2) I invented an excuse little credible for not having brought research science
Thank you for reading and commenting

  • Jan 11 2012: Its a little hard to follow, but what I assume you're stating is essentially:

    Physical storage can be destroyed, lost or forgotten, so data should be saved on a server cloud where it can be accessed from any computer to avoid such issues.

    Sure, Im in favor of that for the most part, but I don't think I'm entirely sold on the idea of having all of my computers and personal files being somewhere where I cannot be entirely positive that:
    1) Only I have access to them,ever.
    2) That when I choose to 'delete' , that its truly deleted.

    For all the negatives of hardware, if you destroy it, you know its destroyed and if you hold it, you know that only you have access to it.
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    Jan 11 2012: not for all
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    Jan 11 2012: I think it's an amazing idea