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How do we get corporations out of government.

Large corperations run our government, thay donate huge amounts of money for which they are rewarded. The government no longer represents the people but rather the corporations. We are supposed to be a representitive republic but our needs are not being represented, the corporations are. This is why I'm in the occupy movement, to try and return to our constitution and excercise my rights. We want the government to represent us and not the corporations, they are not people. Everyone thinks we are there to get money from the 1%, while this may be true for many what I have just written is true for me and most in the movement.


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  • Jan 22 2012: Mardshall had a sharp mind, but hios decisions were not "without fail". He was a federalist, and hios decisions were usually chosen to further his federalist intent. The founders, both federalists and anti-federalists, had a good working knowledge of history, and could for the most part present far better arguments than we can today. The problem here is that the constitutio n is the "law of the land" for federal interpretations, but it is not actually what the founders recognized as "law of the land". That law was in fact the common law, over which the federal government had no jurisdiction. That is still the way it stands, even if being ignored. This is not merely legal theory, this is historical fact, as i stated from historical documents and decisions. Your argument still amounts to straw man, whether intended or not.

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