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How do we get corporations out of government.

Large corperations run our government, thay donate huge amounts of money for which they are rewarded. The government no longer represents the people but rather the corporations. We are supposed to be a representitive republic but our needs are not being represented, the corporations are. This is why I'm in the occupy movement, to try and return to our constitution and excercise my rights. We want the government to represent us and not the corporations, they are not people. Everyone thinks we are there to get money from the 1%, while this may be true for many what I have just written is true for me and most in the movement.


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  • Jan 20 2012: As long as the Federal Government sets policy and regulation that directly affects business in this country Corporations will have an interest in what those policies and regulations are. Corporations are driven by profit and thus the incentives for business to gain favor within the systems of policy will always be a prevalent force which will continually seek to affect policy in their favor. The formation of Corporations is a result of both the efficiency of scale and the pragmatism of expenditure: as long as Corporations are driven by the bottom line the incentive to affect policy will remain. However, the bottom line is not the end all measure of progress or growth, it is an indicator, but the capacity of a Corporation to service need or provide innovation should also be considered. * What if politicians were beating down the doors of Corporations to offer research projects and business opportunities because Government created incentives for research and development ahead of regulatory policy? Billions and possibly Trillions of dollars are spent each year to affect policy so that Corporations can secure a competitive advantage in the market, the field-of-play is in influence, but if the playing field was in research, and development and incentives and influence were granted through innovation and efficiency, the expenditures in influence would be spent in pioneering research that would benefit everyone. The problem is not how do we get Corporations out of Government, but though what policy can we encourage Corporations to innovate instead of influence. If we can encourage Corporations in this way and discourage Government from creating competitive disadvantages for innovators I believe that a Corporation, which is in essence a great tool, would serve mankind and not the just the bottom line.
    • Jan 20 2012: I must admit Joshua, you bring something new to the discussion. Thank you. I am going to have to think about it a bit!
      • Jan 20 2012: What if the price of influence increased so much that no corporation could afford it? The price of innovation would be less than the price of influence to gain a competitive advantage. A regulation is a reaction to a problem, and I think Congress should be proactive in solving problems. i.e. Carbon Emissions - instead of setting regulations on carbon emissions - congress could only offer incentives to companies that are Carbon Zero. This alone could inspire corporations to innovate. So how do we increase the price of influence? By becoming the conscious of Congress as one voice so loud it cannot be ignored?

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