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What I can do with my waste?

I have an handmade ice cream industry (100%natural), that unfortunately produce a lot of waste each day... most of it are peel fruit...

Following I hope to change this and find a solution for my organic waste...

We already thought to sell the organic waste, like peel of lemon and orange to extract the essential oils... but at Portugal we didn't find any company that make it.. then we thought to compost it... and we can do it by our own... but and then?? we don't have field to used it...

I hope to hear soon good ideas to help me save the planet!!

  • Jan 11 2012: Can you provide a rough estimate of exactly how much recyclable/ composting waste you create in a month?
    There are devices similar to composting towers (not too tall) that allow a large amount of composting in a small area and as stated below, you could quite easily pass it on to gardeners (and even plant nurseries and farms) as compost or mulch.
    Whether you would charge would be upto you.
  • Jan 11 2012: Package the compost and market it to home gardeners as premium organic compost.
  • Jan 26 2012: look in to local beer companys, the new thing is flavored beer. alot of those fruits can be use in the malting process for unique tastes. the fastest growing beverage company right now is shorts brewing in the us they use all kinds of fruit peels for different type of beers. you may also be able to dry them shave them and sell in small bottles like spices.
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    Jan 22 2012: This would be an excellent problem to post to to see if anyone has ideas that can help. It is free and will persist indefinitely unlike conversation threads!


  • Jan 12 2012: I could ask you what you would do if you knew what to do, but I won't ask it.

    here where you can start.
    if you got an Ice Cream business, and if you read Ben and Jerry's book, you might have already known what to do.
    but if you haven't read it yet, do yourself a favour, find that book and read. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
    I read it a few years ago, and it helped me when I was thinking of setting up my consultancy business.