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Would you support a law to prohibit the participation of minors in religious ceremonies?

If a child cannot vote, then he neither can choose his religion yet.

Should a group of experts set the suitable age to join to one religion the same way the have done to set the minimum age for consent sex?


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  • Feb 10 2012: maybe theyre not all christians but theyre certainly influenced by their religious beliefs rather than by anything else since i dont think theres a sexual moral code apart from religion which could be guiding them... even the fat that they feel the need to lay down the law on someone elses body is a religious undertone in itself..thats what religions do they lay down as law things which they think should be the way things are or how people should behave... and that is universal in religion there are alsways codes which refer to peoples bodies what they eat who wehn and how they have sex and these codes become law.. there is no other basis for these laws other than them being an extension of moral codes.

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