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What can I do to implement solar power to my community and to others around the world?

I am a college freshman passionate about solar power. I would like to bring to light solar technology to communities with no knowledge about this alternative source.
Also to implement solar power, whether it being solar panels or wind turbans, etc. to communities in the US or around the world.
Whether you believe in global warming or not, you can agree that "green jobs" create tens of thousands of jobs a year. It also saves you money and creates a reliable source of energy.
I would love to know what opportunities are out there to help my dream come true.

  • Jan 10 2012: Here in England some solar companies install panels free (or minimal charge).
    I assume the panels are linked upto the power grid and the power they generate is purchased by the electricity provider and some of the earnings go back to the house owner (reduced bills or a cheque) and the majority goes to the company who own and installed the systems (permanently).
    Seems to be the ideal way to go.