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What Do You Think Of Tunisia After A year Form The Revolution ?

On January 14th , 2011 Tunisian People had their revolution for freedom , degnity, self-respect and mostly about Unemployment . Now , After Almost A year, What's the Change that has been made in Tunisia ? And What To Expect From the New Goverment to achieve in the Future In Politic , Economic And Touristic Fields ?

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    Jan 11 2012: I believe that there is hope and that the population will understand that politicians will not be doing the job instead of them.
    I suppose that it was one good thing to throw out Ben Ali, but who took its seat is another piece of work.

    The country has been living a long period in illusion and now is the time the people will get to know really each other. Freedom is something that rushes when you've not known it and, it scares when you get in contact with it as you can not limit it without hurting others.

    Many people might feel insecure in the beginning, but the people should understand that it is a long walk. In this land, people will have to respect the practice of the democratie the've called for.

    Many people have been saying that the revolution has been stolen from them, which was to be expected considering the hidden interests in the balance. If you look deep inside, you'll see that underneath the common goal of throwing out Ben Ali, each tunisian has his personal wish.

    The laïcs have to play today a sharp game so that the country gets the best out of this time of hope. Much is still to be done and trust is a must.