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What is the best way to spread awareness of human trafficking in suburban areas?

At 27 million people and 32 billion dollars a year, the modern slave industry is at an all time high. It affects every country and community in the world in some way or form and any person could become a victim. There is not set "type" of group or person that becomes a part of this industry. Anyone can be a victim. Age, gender, socioeconomic status, language, country of origin, none of that matters.

And yet it seems that very few communities are aware of this problem. It does affect every community in some way and so few people seem to consider it more than a problem that happens in poor urban areas or third world countries.

What would be a good way to spread awareness about the issues of human trafficking to a community? What would be a good way to inspire awareness and involvement in the efforts to eradicate this scourge? How would one go about doing this?

The answers I'd find most helpful are creative ideas, examples of past communities working together to help in a global problem, examples of what you would do in this situation or possibly what you have done in this situation, if you had ever before been faced with this or something similar.

Thank you!


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    Jan 12 2012: Russel and Cecilia,
    It is in fact common that people don't recognize the problem as relevant and up-to-date, and if the target groups are from large cities, they would say something like "hey, we know about our rights more than you do", that is why children and teenagers from suburban areas are a more appreciative audience. We offer real case studies for consideration, and always use statistical data to support the theory. Only keep in mind that your task is NOT to frighten away, but to warn. We also try to educate people to be tolerant and avoid hanging tags on others, because human trafficking may concern everyone, and development of non-violent behavior and attitudes are the key objectives.

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