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What is the best way to spread awareness of human trafficking in suburban areas?

At 27 million people and 32 billion dollars a year, the modern slave industry is at an all time high. It affects every country and community in the world in some way or form and any person could become a victim. There is not set "type" of group or person that becomes a part of this industry. Anyone can be a victim. Age, gender, socioeconomic status, language, country of origin, none of that matters.

And yet it seems that very few communities are aware of this problem. It does affect every community in some way and so few people seem to consider it more than a problem that happens in poor urban areas or third world countries.

What would be a good way to spread awareness about the issues of human trafficking to a community? What would be a good way to inspire awareness and involvement in the efforts to eradicate this scourge? How would one go about doing this?

The answers I'd find most helpful are creative ideas, examples of past communities working together to help in a global problem, examples of what you would do in this situation or possibly what you have done in this situation, if you had ever before been faced with this or something similar.

Thank you!


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    Jan 11 2012: Hi Cecilia,
    What my organization does in terms of preventive measures is awareness raising through information campaigns and mini-educational trainings among at-risk groups, consistent of children and young adults - potential victims of trafficking, originating from troubled families, or children in orphanages and other social protection institutions, particularly in suburban areas, remote regional districts and villages. All activities imply interactive form, where the trainees can easily participate, tell their worries and concerns. Especially demonstration of some video material (as an example - http://vimeo.com/15113068, borrowed from MTV Exit) works well with this kind of audience, only note that local bound concepts and situations are more effective, that is what is good for North America doesn't go for Central Asia, etc. It's worth noting that our task is not to inculcate some fear of becoming a victim or some prejudice in the trainees, (it's very important to stress that!) because among other things our objective is to fight sterotypical thinking, but to familiarize people with the problem's tangibility and the variety of forms human trafficking may take.
    In case you are interested I can provide more detailed information. Hope it was useful.
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      Jan 11 2012: In fact many situations that we in America dont think of as Human trafficing exist in our daily lives, we see hookers working for pimps and think little, we buy products without a thought of who made them and under what conditions. I would love to hear more about your group.
    • Jan 11 2012: Your group sounds very interesting. :) I'd love to hear more about it. In my case, the group that I'd be raising awareness in would be children and teenagers, most of them from suburban areas. What do you think would be the best way to reach them?

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