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What do you thinks gonna happen to North Korea now that the leader is dead?

The leader of North Korea died a couple of weeks ago and his son took over as the leader. There could be a better outcome with this or a bad one. Which one do you think will happen?

  • Jan 10 2012: Obviously there is going to be a power shift from Kim Jong Il to is son. Whether there is going to be a better outcome or a bad one is going to be unclear. But I believe in the future, in the next generation, we can avoid a war and have a peaceful reunification with the north.
  • Jan 10 2012: good question.
    i lived in Asia region and we all concern about it.
    but most likely case. the son of kim jong il - kim jong un don't have what it takes to held power in north korea.
    because the military elite probably will in disarray.
    maybe they will sign peace to south and start a new chapter. just like east and west germany.
    what i concern is the nuclear weapon that north korea develop. its need to be secured or it will go to the wrong hand.

    if the war erupt. the causalities will be enormous and disaster to political stability and economy to east and south east asia