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Can we really become happier? Happier ourselves? Can we create happier places to work? Or even happier societies?

Happiness can often seem elusive ... like love ... the more we chase it the more it seems to slip away from us. Can we really become lastingly happier? Are such efforts worthwhile or futile?

What about organisations and businesses? Can we create happier organisations? Would they be more effective or simply not be competitive?

How about whole societies? Should governments be seeking to help citizens lead happier lives? Or is that somehow sinister?

The new emerging science of happiness and well-being seems to offer some insights but the real world is not the same as controlled experiments.

What do you think? What are your favourite recipes for happiness?

Take part in this Live Conversation this Wednesday, 11th January at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm GMT (my time zone in London!)


Closing Statement from Nic Marks

Well I enjoyed 'hosting' this conversation very much ... we touched on so many topics from the meanings of happiness, the pathways to happiness and a look at the darker side of depression and suicide. We talked of determination, choice, acceptence, contentment and love ... of generosity and poverty ... of consumerism and education ... of passions and curiosity, mediation and exercise ...

It seems to me that a conversation about happiness can get to the core of the human experience ... and in a world facing difficulties of today and tomorrow (a MLK quote!) it could just be that thinking and having conversations about human happiness could be the start of a quiet revolution of our shared world ...

Thanks for talking with me today

Be well


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  • Jan 11 2012: Hi Nic! I recently attended a screening of Happy, the documentary that you were in. Have you seen the completed film? I really enjoyed the message and the fact that the film helps ignite conversations around happiness, much like this talk. I think that talking about happiness is the first step to becoming happier and learning about the journeys being taken by others to reach a happier life. I know that the film is being released soon and think that others in this conversation may enjoy participating. For anyone who is interested, more information is available at www.WorldHappyDay.com.
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      Jan 11 2012: I saw it last year - and to be honest I had forgotten I was in it! It took poor Roko so long to complete that it was 4/5 years that my interview happened - i looked so much younger on the screen (and no beard and long hair!) Loved the film though ... especially the old Japanese women!

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