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If you could learn 1 thing from a child what would it be ?

As we grow up and become adults we seem to enter a negative space. A space defined more by what we cannot do than what we can.

We learn to give up, play it safe and lose our curiosity and imagination.

Our children are our future. What will you learn from them today ?


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    Jan 29 2012: Children never prejudge.
    As we grow old , many a times , we judge things before we start doing it and there is always a fear of loosing.
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      Feb 2 2012: That's an interesting thought... Why do you think we start to judge others as we grow older ? I have some theories but I'd love to hear your take on it :)
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        Feb 2 2012: As a Kid , Everything that we see is new and every experiecne that we undrego is unique .

        As we grow older , we operate with filters , Eg : Yeah , i know this can never happen , I know he will not do this , i knew that he will be late and etc etc etc....

        Above all this , as we grow older , we carry always a Tag called "Experience " with us , which we always refer to or compare , with the present happenings.

        Whats your take on this ????
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          Feb 2 2012: +1 to everything you said. I agree with most of it and would just like to add that children do not judge others simply because they do not assume. They realize that life is dynamic and though experiences are helpful no 2 experiences can ever be completely alike. Also they remember the best in people and not their worst. If adults could manage each other on that principle we would be a much happier lot.

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