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If you could learn 1 thing from a child what would it be ?

As we grow up and become adults we seem to enter a negative space. A space defined more by what we cannot do than what we can.

We learn to give up, play it safe and lose our curiosity and imagination.

Our children are our future. What will you learn from them today ?


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  • Jan 11 2012: To constantly be in the present moment of wonder ... this constant moment is all we ever live in / are conscious in but the world infects us / affects us and we become self absorbed, self conscious, dissatisfied and anxious.

    I don't want the "childish" baggage that kids sometimes exhibit but the "childlike" sense of wonder and immediacy is a gift we lose too soon.

    In losing the sense of wonder to self absorbtion is why the world is in a fine state ... greed and narrowness are the enemy

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