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Is the vulnerabilty thing to overcome or thing to accept?

Vulnerabilty is the common issue that most people are struggling for.

I, also, have tried to deal with my vulnerability effectively by overcoming it but the more I tried, the more I failed. Everytime I failed, I put myself in more vulnerable position.

Then, I thought the vulnerability might not be something that you should overcome but something that you should accept. But, at this point, I wonder what the word "accept" means. Is it really possible to accept my vulnerability? Do you think you can live happily embracing your vulnerability?

I will appreciate if you share your way of thinking about vulnerability.
Thank you:)


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    Jan 10 2012: It isn't about vulnerability that needs to be accepted, it's about accepting reality.
    The thing that is vulnerable is what has no fundament, it's a false ego.
    If one tries to pretend or think to be this or that just to be something that person can put it to the test in acting that way and to expose him or herself. That moment you're vulnerable because if you can't back it up you're done.
    If you think you're a good fighter and you never challenge that claim by engaging into a fight it will make you uncertain or fearful, if you dare to make yourself vulnerable you do fight and either accept to be not good at it or live the illusion. If you proof to be a good fighter you aren't vulnerable and it is just what you are.
    It can work the other way around also as someone thinks not to be good at this or that and by putting it to the test it appears clear to that person to have that talent. To expose yourself is engaging life and the world and by doing this learning about yourself. Every time you do this you come out of it stronger than before as long as you acknowledge and accept the result.
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      Jan 10 2012: Mr. Kellner, thank you for your sincere comment:)

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