Ashley Moelker

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What was the defining moment in your career, when you gained the confidence necessary to achieve great things?

I am 26 years old and have recently started my own business. I'm struggling daily to realize that I too am capable of achieving great things, things today that seem insurmountable. I am looking for advice on gaining the confidence necessary to go out into the world and be successful even at a young age.

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    Jan 10 2012: Ashley, this is a question I can associate with because I'm a 22 year old entrepreneur facing the exact same situation. I haven't had those career defining moments yet and there are times when doubt creeps in but there are couple of things I try to do to stay motivated and confident.

    I generally approach all situations with optimism.
    I am constantly trying to learn new techniques and paradigms to stay ahead of the curve.
    As I'm starting out, I don't say NO to any project which comes along right now because it's this body of work which will define my future.
    And the last thing I've been doing is just sharing what I know, genuinely trying to help others and expanding my network.

    Stay hungry. Don't overthink. And you'll be fine :)
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    Jan 10 2012: I think to be succesful is doing what makes you happy.
    If what you do makes you happy you're succesful already and things may grow.
    If you're not happy you better find other thing to do or change your attitude to what you do.
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    Jan 10 2012: I think we can drag a lot of fears into social environments some less than others. Reputation can lead one to avoid risk and also motivate to be productive. I'm not sure you can fast track experience.

    i think less these days about being great or a pop star and am not sure if i have ever managed to achieve great things. My greatness has been in small often unnoticed occurences.

    If you are looking for confidence then believe it when i say you are capable of much.