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When you really really need money, what do you do?

Sometimes we need a great deal of money, but we are not able to get enough money from our part time jobs--especially if you are a student.

Of course, there would be many ways to solve this problem.
we could borrow money from others and pay back the other day.
Or we can ask for help or win the lottery(hahaha).
In this situation,
by not doing any WRONG things,
How one person can solve this problem?
And what his attitude should be?

(Let's say your parents are also not able to help you.)

Just out of curiosity.


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  • Jan 10 2012: Hi Elizabeth, my view is unless it is a life and death situation, it is best that you postpone the expenditure. And now that you know that money is an important resources, to go out and work very hard for the money and save it and invest this savings so that it can earn you more money (interest or dividend income)..Most people cannot achieve their dreams because MOST dreams require an initial sum of money (in other words capital)..

    I am glad that you are discovering the importance of this resource (money) at this early age .. Congratulation.. you will be a successful person.

    Lastly, never get into debt if you don't understand the consequence of it ..
    • Jan 11 2012: I think you're right.
      And plus, it's a very wise thought!
      Really helpful!

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