Ayesha Sayed

Student, UAEU


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How can we work at eliminating racism? and all forms of discrimination?

Racism is taking over our lives, we might not show it but it's there. So I thought instead of just complaining about it, what can we do to eliminate it? And what role can the youth play in this elimination?

  • Jan 11 2012: my answer, I think maybe we can start by eliminating ARROGANCE among ourselves. :)
  • Jan 10 2012: The world has become less racist than lets say 50 yrs ago. Everyone has been affected by racism but one major thing we can do to avoid racism is to stop discrimination toward others. I don't think we can completely eliminate racism, like violence and war, but decreasing discrimination would also decrease violence and war in the world.
    In the heavens and in the sky we are all one family... and to discriminate your own brothers and sister is to discriminate against yourself.
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    Jan 9 2012: the most "equal" social cooperation is business. suppose i have a workshop, and i want to hire someone to help me out. i can hire many guy of "my kind" and of the "other kind". if i limit my choice to "my kind", i will, on average, have to agree on a somewhat worse worker or a somewhat higher price. because i have excluded some people. if my competitor chooses to hire the best worker available, regardless of "kind", he has advantage, and will outperform me in the race. so racism punishes itself in social cooperation. soon, racists will be poor.

    the picture changes dramatically if we make decisions outside of our own territory. for example if we decide what kind of public policy we support, racists ideas find their way in. it is easy to be a racist using other people's money.
  • Jan 9 2012: I think we could do it by loving each other no matter what. Cast all judgment aside and express pure love at all times toward everyone.