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Roughly 52% of the world's population is under 30. What is best way to harness the energy and ideas of youth?

Working for a youth development organization we are always looking for ideas about how to engage young people and create programs to effectively involve youth in their own development. Our cornerstone is peer to peer non-formal education. We believe youth innovation drives change.

We are looking for programs, project models, web resources, implementation techniques, big ideas and inspiration to share with our online community. Basically anything to spark a great conversation!


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    Jan 21 2012: I agree with your statement about involved youth on our environment,as we know youth generation have big role on the future, its good we have to developed youth program to make them courage their potential and talent. I have some advice about program which is have positive influenced for youth it based from my experience as well.

    First I guess debate club is really good for self improvement because we let youth speak up their mind and word without judgement and expand their ideas for community. Some people think debate will influenced negative way or violent if we cant control each statement opponent but my personally think debate would be good lesson because we learn how to appreciate different opinion people and make discussion to found out solution about the issues.

    Second students competition will be good point because we will learn fairness and honesty on every competition whether we lose or win. i realize competition is not about become the winner but its about our effort. If we lose at least we learn something new from the competiton.

    Third become volunter in the some project maybe related with health care, education etc i thought it would be good for youth learning caring each others and took respect with people around.

    so i have my conclusion about my explanation above is let youth choose what was their passion let them know what is actually they want to do on their life, As adult we just can direct and gude them.

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