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Roughly 52% of the world's population is under 30. What is best way to harness the energy and ideas of youth?

Working for a youth development organization we are always looking for ideas about how to engage young people and create programs to effectively involve youth in their own development. Our cornerstone is peer to peer non-formal education. We believe youth innovation drives change.

We are looking for programs, project models, web resources, implementation techniques, big ideas and inspiration to share with our online community. Basically anything to spark a great conversation!


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  • Jan 20 2012: I propose the establishment of an Accredited Open Source University built by a collaboration of volunteers: built to inspire research, contribution, and innovation by giving young people the power to pave their own path to higher learning. By providing a Open Source educational platform and access to professionals and experts to facilitate and moderate and encourage young people we open ourselves up to the creative possibility locked away by the old regimented educational paradigm. Professional assessment could be made by the evaluation of contributions by professionals, academics, individual students, and organized groups. Students would be continually encouraged to publish, and peer review would allow the curriculum to evolve and improve and diversify. All developments would be for the benefit of all who choose to participate, and entrepreneurial groups could form an enterprise to affect social progress and to develop capitol for the implementation of problem solving solutions on a local and global level. By giving students the power and means to affect global change and a collaborative platform to give steam to world changing ideas I believe that students would be inspired to work harder and develop more than they ever would in a traditional educational setting.

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