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Roughly 52% of the world's population is under 30. What is best way to harness the energy and ideas of youth?

Working for a youth development organization we are always looking for ideas about how to engage young people and create programs to effectively involve youth in their own development. Our cornerstone is peer to peer non-formal education. We believe youth innovation drives change.

We are looking for programs, project models, web resources, implementation techniques, big ideas and inspiration to share with our online community. Basically anything to spark a great conversation!


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    Jan 18 2012: Perhaps if they even created a TEDJunior, targeted specifically at children, with inspirational speakers addressing the younger generations on some of the issues that will be so relevant when they will be the ones in control. Some of the best ideas come from younger people however are often overlooked because their ideas fall on deaf ears. If we were to create a community such as the one we are on at the moment, specifically for their ideas to be communicated then perhaps even we can learn a thing or two from them. If we could make this site a bit more colourful and interactive then the children are sure to be a bit more interested. Maybe this is an idea for the TED creators.
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      Jan 18 2012: Good idea. I would not want to water it down too much. But it would be cool to offer the TED speaking opportunity to the best of the best teenagers. I think many pre-teens have great ideas but they lack the knowledge and experience to express real world creativity that will last into the later years. Their imagination is way ahead of reality. The pre-teen years are too engaged in learning the basics and growing up.
      Let's advocate the institution of a brother organization to TED which promotes the greatness of teenagers. I like the words 'youth' or 'young' better than 'junior.' Youth and Young are just the facts, while, Junior is a lower or secondary position that I don't want to stick them with. When they are good, they can be great!

      Thanks for the creative idea.
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      Feb 3 2012: Give them platform for their voice to be heard. My son was invited, without my knowledge, to speak at the 9th World Wilderness Congress, to deliver a message. http://www.wild.org/video/wild9-mckenzy-haber-english/
      He has gone on to co-organize 3 TEDx's. For TEDxHomer2012:Sustain US he was awarded a Jefferson and won Ashoka's Technology for a Better World, as well as several others This is not to brag, but rather to say that when young people are given a shot to be heard they can rouse in themselves and decision makers a bolder and brighter future. We were chosen the top idea for bringing TEDx paradigm for teens throughout the 25,000 high schools in the US by Leaders Causing Leaders. Perhaps this year at the TEDxSummit this dream may inch closer to reality.

      The deepest learning is from the being and doing rather than the studying.
      Teens from Homer are completely organizing for Thursday, July 26
      Some of their OJT:
      Social Media
      Public Speaking
      Global Connectivity & Ideas

      TEDx is just one, though a powerfully connective, paradigm among many that respects that their world is moving faster, closer than my generation could even imagine. Disruptive tech, interactive learning, and creative building distinguish their opportunities beyond what I could believe possible in my childhood. Challenges they face are not the tiny concerns of kids. From climate change to exploding world population to rapidly degrading environment, these under 30's must bring some game to the phase in life in which we had the luxury to grow to adulthood. Social entrepreurships and organizing TEDxTeen events can help them face their future with greater certainty and joy. They are not alone, if we stand beside and mentor them along the way.

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