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Roughly 52% of the world's population is under 30. What is best way to harness the energy and ideas of youth?

Working for a youth development organization we are always looking for ideas about how to engage young people and create programs to effectively involve youth in their own development. Our cornerstone is peer to peer non-formal education. We believe youth innovation drives change.

We are looking for programs, project models, web resources, implementation techniques, big ideas and inspiration to share with our online community. Basically anything to spark a great conversation!


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    Jan 11 2012: ... continued about using TED
    I looked at the TED web site just to get a better handle on what is offered.
    TED Themes:
    Technology, Entertainment, Design, Business, Science, Culture, Arts, and Global issues.

    Surely, indexing and linking these presentations to the personalized data provided by testing your project members will enable you to both educate and motivate people of all ages.

    Perhaps this will result in a new way to education students in public schools.

    For example, take a look at this TED presentation:
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      Jan 18 2012: Perhaps if they even created a TEDJunior, targeted specifically at children, with inspirational speakers addressing the younger generations on some of the issues that will be so relevant when they will be the ones in control. Some of the best ideas come from younger people however are often overlooked because their ideas fall on deaf ears. If we were to create a community such as the one we are on at the moment, specifically for their ideas to be communicated then perhaps even we can learn a thing or two from them. If we could make this site a bit more colourful and interactive then the children are sure to be a bit more interested. Maybe this is an idea for the TED creators.
      • Feb 1 2012: They do have TEDx events for juniors. For example TEDxRedmond

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