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TEDBEDS, a quick easy to assemble shelter using existing supplies to provide disaster relief.

All across the USA in DOT storage lots are massive piles of steel poles square in cross section and having bolt holes every inch. Also here are signs printed on some well made and treated metal that rarely seems to rust even in salty areas. Near by are in every urban area huge supplies of pallets often being given away for free. With these basic pieces and some pvc piping and garden hoses it seems that a creative architect might make some sort of easy to assemble shelter that could be available to be shipped in large quantities from any part of the USA to places in need. Any takers?


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  • Jan 16 2012: I also made a component for the system, to attach (without welding) 2 perpendicular struts. It uses 1 bolt, 1 nut, a 4-8 inch section of a material (possibly another that you're using) to fit inside of the 2-inch square.
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      Jan 16 2012: Im trying desperatly to find a cad program that I can use .....very fustrating to hear about great iudeas and not see them
      • Jan 16 2012: I use VariCAD, which is a linux/windows compatible CAD program, its native image file is .dwb, but AutoCAD's is .dwg, so I converted it, if you get VariCAD I can send you the native file.

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