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TEDBEDS, a quick easy to assemble shelter using existing supplies to provide disaster relief.

All across the USA in DOT storage lots are massive piles of steel poles square in cross section and having bolt holes every inch. Also here are signs printed on some well made and treated metal that rarely seems to rust even in salty areas. Near by are in every urban area huge supplies of pallets often being given away for free. With these basic pieces and some pvc piping and garden hoses it seems that a creative architect might make some sort of easy to assemble shelter that could be available to be shipped in large quantities from any part of the USA to places in need. Any takers?


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  • Jan 11 2012: Okay, I made a design using only the stop sign posts, for adjustable-use. Though, many of the parts can be replaced with lumber, made more permanent with Straw bale (for insulation, to make a dome house for longer residence), and other modifications.

    Here's some basic drawings I threw together.


    Hopefully this will stir the pot.
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      Jan 11 2012: I cannot thank you enough for your contribution it looks much more practical than the monster ive been tangling with in my back yard (al though mine does come with chain link fence beds :) )
      • Jan 11 2012: I'm thinking up other things like that now, I just wanted to focus on the house first.
      • Jan 11 2012: Here's why I designed it the way I did, modulation. If this was to accommodate the widest array of uses, it would need to be adaptable.

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          Jan 12 2012: very nice work I cant wait to sand you some pictures of my project. Flexability to circumstances and using preexisting supplies available in bulk is at the core of this project.
    • Jan 11 2012: Very nice Scott. Part of the way there Russell

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