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Why is everyone obsessed with digital?

Dear Ted'sters,

Working in Advertising, I spend most of my spare time (Okay, I must admit also a great percentage of my Office time) scanning the Internet for Articles, Virals or great Blogs that inspire my Ideas at work.

The Web helps me to stay updated with interests and trends of my Clients an their Target group. It also helps in private life get access to foreign cooking recipes or to stay connect with old friends from school living on the other side of the globe.

These are just a few examples to admit, yes i am a digital addict.
And this is the part that scares me, the more time I spend online, the more I notice a feeling of being lost. I see my social profiles, reflecting the guy I wish to be and not who I am.

Its not any more: "I am, what I am" but "I am, what I share"

I believe to see a transformation of our Species: Once being a "Analog-Human being" to becoming a " Multi-Life Digital Creature". I see people spending more time in networks then with friends or family in real life. For most of the people it has gone so far that "Not being available per cell phone" feels like missing a precious limb of their own body.

Now I ask you, dear User, do you feel the same:

Why is that everyone is so obsessed with digital?

Or even better, how come the impact of the technological development in connection to businesses, organizations and people has made such a big impact in our lives?

This really interests me, and I would love to hear your opinion on why most Humans and Company thrive in the world wide web?

It would be great if you could take some time, think about this and share us your wonderfully thoughts on this topic.

Best Regards


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    Jan 9 2012: I would say there are two main reasons: Safety and Efficiency.


    There are many dangers outside, from careless drivers to erratic behavior to criminal mischief to wild animals to inclement weather. From the relative safety of one's own home, nearly all productivity can be accomplished while minimizing risks to personal safety.


    It is much easier to find what you are looking for on the internet, and to occupy yourself with other interests while waiting for other interactions to occur. You want to talk to someone who is in a meeting, you could sit in the lobby reading whatever old magazine is provided, or perhaps doing yoga, or what have you, /or/ you could send a message to this person online, and hope they will read it when they have time for it. You are looking for information on a specific subject. You could go to a library and reference the card catalog system, and spend hours upon hours gathering a few books which /might/ be of relevance, or you can type a few words into a search engine and have dozens of tailor-specific results in seconds. You want to visit a foreign country, so you get a passport, spend some time learning the language, laws, and culture, get immunizations, and spend thousands of dollars and potentially days traveling there, /or/ you could type in a few key words and find yourself on a virtual simulation of the same trip. Certainly, in all these cases, there is something sad about it the lack of parity to the real experience, but there is certainly something to be said for the convenience and efficiency of online interaction.

    I won't even go into accessibility options, for the aged, infirmed, hard-of-hearing, blind, & etc.. I think I would classify all of those into the efficiency department as well, though some are also likely safety factors.

    Hope this helps -- this title was a bit misleading, as I thought it was going to be a diatribe against digital TV, to which I was going to chime along. :-)

    Best Wishes
    • Jan 9 2012: Hi Joseph,

      thanks for your time and your insights! The more I spend thinking about this topic, the more I would like to learn about the the relationship between Humans and the Impact of Digital Industry.

      I would love to make small case regarding this topic would you mind forwarding this Conversation to your network to get a wider input and even more great insights on how people feel about their Digital life!

      Thanks again for your time
      Best Regards from Germany

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