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I propose that the principles behind KIPP be designed to be used on the community level

Utilization of existing social structures for the purpose of instilling morals and practical wisdom in children.
currently, i am working through my taekwondo studio, using space during off time to hold tutoring for our struggling students.
i will be using parents, peers, and educators FROM THE COMMUNITY to build self esteem and moral strength in students struggling in school using a personal touch.
many students who are struggling are not lacking in intelligence. they are often lacking in direction from persons who understand the path they are attempting to follow.
non traditional methods will be employed to gather students knowledge of subject matter with the hope of seeing their school work through the students eyes. with a better understanding of where our students are coming from, we can help them achieve a brilliant finish to a new start on success in the lives and future endeavors.

this idea was brought on from the talk by Mr. Schwartz.....

i operate on the idea that we need a huge change in not how we live, love, and work, but in WHY we do it.
last night during a family meeting, we touched on grandma Melernea’s gold kaiser card. Barry Schwartz talks about the janitors who have the wisdom to do their jobs well with the intent of offering caring service to others. when i think of my grandmother and the fact that she did housekeeping for as many years as she had when others ask if she is a doctor, the answer should be “no” with a reply of “better”.
the goal is to remember that so much of what makes this world a fantastic place comes from those who society looks at as the bottom of the scrap pile. we should never give up hope that doctors, lawyers, politicians, and yes even businessmen on Wall Street can reach for greatness by being more like janitors, housekeepers, and persons who work with the public and do their jobs well and with wisdom simply… because… it … is … right.

i look forward to expansion on this idea