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Are we flawed in our political thinking as it concerns the greater good? Are we missing the important issues and why?

A few days ago I was listening to the news. A reporter came on stating that the candidates for this presidential run had come clean. I listened attentively, for I thought it was really important considering where we are with our troubled nation, economy and unemployment. Listening to this reporter I found out that the candidates had come clean on "what super hero they would be if given a chance.". Now, I'm all for some humor, but also feel this is nonsense. The troubling part is that I believe all or most of them answered, instead of perhaps focusing on the important issues of our time. This is just a sample of our trivial nature these days. When do we get back to proposing sound solutions for our needy people?

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  • Jan 9 2012: There is no doubt we are missing the important issues. The important issues are the corruption in our government for one. Big business and corporate money needs to be removed from political campaigns but none of that candidates have been talking about that one... Our schools are desperate as well.... I agree in a time where massive change is desired by most talking about super heros just doesn't quite cut it.
    • Jan 9 2012: Fiorella:

      I thought I might be the only one being hypersensitive about the super hero issue. Like I said, I like humor and keeping things light, but you are correct in the seriousness of the issues that need to be addressed. I appreciate your comment.


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