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Is the present era of unrest and war, a clash of civilization or a clash of ignorance? Is TEDcommunity able to play any role in this regard?

The so called, 'war against terrorism' and 'war for the survival of freedom in the west', which is now destroying and has set on fire many nations of the Globe including, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan etc. Which if not soon looked at will be destructive to the whole world. Intentionally or unintentionally this war is sometimes given a meaning of clash between Religions or civilizations. And to a major extent, some specific Religions are believed to be responsible for this(which I'd never agree to)...
1- Does the TED community agree with any such slogans?

2- What vital roles can an enlightened and powerful community like TED, play in this regard, in order to minimize the human sufferings, losses of lives and in preaching peace and harmony?

In my opinion, this is not more than a clash of ignorance and indeed results of unresolved economic and Political conflicts...

Thank you.

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    Jan 9 2012: I think the people on TED are able to play a role as they live their life in their homelands every day. Pledge to the "Charter for Compassion", live in peace with your neighbors, and whenever possible share your mission of peace with anyone. Would the TED community create a slogan of their own? Probably not.

    Many Americans, myself included, do not believe in the wars. Initially we struck out in horror at attacks by nationals of a country with extremist educations available in the countries you mentioned. I haven't really ever questioned my governements invading of these countries, but as I sit here I can't agree even with that. The US military invaded a country, a population of private citizens, because one small faction injured us. To be completely honest with you, I believe we have only stayed in the regions to fulfill big governement contracts that were awarded to private companies closer to the beginning of each war.

    Are these religious wars? No, at least I don't see it. There are however people from each religion that would have you believe that it is, Christians and Muslims alike.

    I agree with you that this is a "clash of ignorance."

    I am of the opinion that because of these wars we are able to see how ignorant all war seems in this era. Combat, death, espinage, all of it, it doesn't matter anymore. What we should be seeking is a foundation of peace, humanity, tolerance, and optimism that can create the world of the future. Our planet has not shrunk but we are in an ever shrinking society. We are able to communicate and share these thoughts and ideas now with anyone in the world, where as in previous generations it wasn't even a considered possibility.

    Continue your voice for peace and I will continue mine, and eventually as more people become enlightened and empathetic and compassionate so will the world.
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    Jan 14 2012: The more we know, the more we can let go. TED is daily informing millions. Fear is often the result of not knowing. In the absence of accountability, fear creates conflict on many levels: internally, intrapersonally and nationally. What we understand, we have greater affinity for and are less likely to lash out against.

    TED has hosted Wikileaks founder, Ai WeiWei artist, speakers from the Arab Spring, former US generals speaking on failure, awarded the TED prize for the Charter on Compassion. TED does not shy away from these important and timely voices. Indeed, I would say TED anticipates the harmony or dischord of artists and activists and scientists in the global choir of voices that are the garage band of humanity on our planet singing as soloists among peace pursuing people.
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    Jan 10 2012: You said it right: it's a clash of ignorance. May some enlightenment be the result.

    For people to come close together they need to go one step at the time.
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    Jan 10 2012: I am opposed to the war on terror. I have been from sept 11th 2001. I believe that a true statesman and leader would have gone to the nearest airport, announced that their were now 100 john doe warrants issued for mass murder in the twin towers killings, and then flown cross country on a commercial flight.

    I think that the terrorist win everytime a person is forced to demean themselves at airport security checkpoints.

    I think its important to understand that the culture of the United States is in a state of constant change. We can become passionate about an issue and pour great power into it, for great good, as in WWII for our pride, as in the moon race, or for great evil as in the war on terror.

    unspoken and unenforced, united states laws, such as usc 18 sec 2441, see the PEGC web site ( for information, and the constitution which makes the supremacy of ratified treaties as law clear would conceivably put the highest members of the Bush administration in the position of being charged with federal charges which can carry the death penalty.

    How the USA hopes to move forward in the world with any possible position of moral leadership while not at least investigating the possibility of violations of these laws baffles me.

    Like all groups there diverse opinions in the TED community I am sure, and some will find what I have said offensive. In answer to your two questions however, to # 1 no not everyone, and # 2 I think that discovering those many roles is what brings most people here.
  • Jan 9 2012: "which I'd never agree to"

    I fear this closes any discussion which could happen. If you are not open to changing your mind, any debate had would never be concluded.

    This does not mean I am arguing any specific religion is primarily responsible (though I do think they all play parts), but to close out a possibility means your thought process is tainted and any conclusion would be suspect at best.
  • Jan 9 2012: I suggest this book: "The Secret History of the American Empire" by John Perkins - at least look up the summary of the book.
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      Jan 9 2012: Thank you Fiorella, I appreciate your suggestion.