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How much time are you searching-checking-texting-liking-blogging-tweeting-chatting-messaging? Are your devices becoming a vice for you?

What great things could we be doing with the time that we spend using our devices?

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    Jan 8 2012: Actually i spent my time much in front of my laptop everyday, i really like surfing everything around me and what was new, maybe i am google addicted.i like reading newspaper online because i think its more useful rather than i go to library and reading there. I just cant stop myself to searching and reading. i will wake up along the night just for reading. Probably TEDx become my second place to shared my opinion about everything because in the reality i cant say everything on my mind freely we have rule and i need friend to make discussion and shared idea without any judgement. My reason open my internet everyday because i can reading current issues and reading everything i really love reading newspaper whether its national or international newspaper, i like download some e-book or reading biography people, or i like open website which is full of art. I dont know its become vice or not for me. but if this habit probably become vice for me at least i spent my time to found out useful things.

    Well about social networking i dont use it very much and i am not social networking addicted, i just didnt have much interested on it. I thought i also didnt using my mobile phone that much so i think there is no problem with vice with it.
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    Jan 9 2012: Hi Charlotte, it is how one takes it and makes use of such things. Like fire can bring down a house and at the same time cook the food similarly if things are channelized properly they will prove boon.

    Lets not forget this is a 'Screen-Ager' and we have to live with it.:)
  • Jan 9 2012: Thanks for your honest response. I try to keep my usage balanced but ,like you, I enjoy reading interesting things on the internet.
    Best Regards!