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In your opinion with regard to decision making, what do you give preference to, the heart or mind?

I think this question does not need explanation? plz explain your answer.

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thank you for all your inputs.

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    Jan 9 2012: I think you need a little bit of both...

    I used to be a person who all about logic and reason and I really downplayed how i felt. I always thought that it was bad to be emotional and I really did not want to be in touch with my emotions.

    It was not until this time last year that I became clinically depressed. Because I repressed how I felt about things I did not know how to properly get in touch with my emotions. I also realized how logic and reason are not as powerful as emotions. I used to pride myself on making good decisions that were not based on emotion but when I was depressed I really, I guess you can say "lost my mojo".

    Til this day I am still trying to get into the swing of things but I realized that finding a better balance between the two is not a bad thing...

    I came to realize that mindfulness is a great tool because it allows you to get in touch with your emotions and if you are really mindful and have a great sense of self, you can make good, reasonable decisions.
  • Jan 9 2012: This is a time when you are being instructed to do one thing or the other. For me it depends on the situation and it's always a matter of the mind, the heart does not think. Our feelings get involved and it feel like it's coming from our heart but it's still the mind. So sometimes I make emotional desicions and sometime times intelectual.
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      Jan 9 2012: thank you James for your thoughts.
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    Jan 9 2012: Probably coming from the same place - in the mind that is. If this is about feelings and thoughts then I think they are probably working together and this is not an either or situation. I would probably just add though to look closely at your feelings before making decisions unless its a loose Tiger thats causing the emotion.
  • Jan 9 2012: Decision making is a mental process that involves many things, one of them being intuition. Feeling or thinking with the heart is a romantic notion we probably should be careful with, since the heart is a muscle designed to pump blood. You might think you feel with it or through it, especially when upset, but it's probably a chemical reaction. I could be very wrong about all this. We make all decisions with our mind. It might feel like its our heart, but I doubt it. Even intuition and so called gut feelings are part of the mind process. The heart is just another mechanical organ. Like I said, I could be wrong about all this.
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      Jan 9 2012: very interesting point. Thank you.
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    Jan 9 2012: In my opinion thinking with my whole body.
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    Jan 8 2012: well its interesting question because sometime we think we choose right decision making but sometime that can be wrong too. I have third reason about decision making using heart or mind.

    Firstly when we use decision making by our mind we see about logical,analytical about the situation and impact from our decision which is probably will influenced every aspect on our choice.

    Second we talk about heart,its our feeling about something when we think our feeling say its good way we will followed but if our heart say it would be wrong way so we will stop it.

    Third we can make collaboration between heart and mind for example if we have been on situation which is push us choosse decision making about one project lets our heart make assesment about it and we also let our mind make assesment with our logical, then we can make comparison which one possibility can we choose to decision making of the project If we found use heart more have good impact so choose decision making by yout heart but if you found there is alot of good impact on decision making use your mind so you may choose it. Its about your conclusion between heart and mind.

    And at the last you may using SWOT analysis which is to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses/Limitations, Opportunities, and Threats . Some people say they use this analysis for business or project but we can use it for self evaluation or assesment environment of decision making.

    sometime i think relation between man and woman use when they do decision making, i ever read some articles about the differences between man and woman perspective, they say man using their logical rather than their feeling while woman using their feeling rather than their logical. I assume if our leader is woman, is it will influenced of decison making whether they are man or woman?
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      Jan 9 2012: thank you for your thoughts. You explained it clearly.
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    Jan 8 2012: I think this would depend on the decision. If it's a decision as to how to spend time, doing what I love or what I feel commited to is more important than what I am good at. If it is a decision as to what sort of gasolene to put in the car, I would put in the kind that I understand to work best in my car.

    Still making a decision to do what one loves more than what one is good at is not an irrational calculation. So I don't know that following ones heart is necessarily different from following ones mind.
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    Jan 21 2012: Inevitably, some decisions are made using the heart only...especially when strong emotions are involved. And, the mind is used when we have time to think things over.

    I think as we get older, we see the wisdom of thinking and pondering life's decisions, because we see that a wrong decision can have terrible consequences.

    Here is one example from my personal life: At the store shopping for food, the "sale" items help me make decisions, because I like to save money (mind). But, when I bring my little one along, and he sees an item that he hasn't eaten in a long time, my love (heart) for him drives me to buy the costly item, just to see a smile on his face. Of course, I don't share the price of the candy with my husband LOL :)

    Both the heart and mind are essential to making wise decisions. First we think about it, then weigh it in the scales with our emotions.

    "That which cannot convice the mind, cannot please the heart" Author unknown to me
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    Jan 10 2012: I usually decide by my heart, or so to say "my gut" but don't proceed with the decision if it contradicts my mind. I think that this way, I can be sure my decisions are rational, yet I can fully identify with them on emotional level.

    I think that being to much "fan" of either mind or heart decision making would lead to completely irrational decisions, in case of heart domination. Or decisions supremely rational but not really "my", in case of mind domination.

    Hope I helped (:
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    Jan 9 2012: Humans are capable of being mindless at times and heartless at other times. Neither is the way it should be.
    As Mr. Orlando Hawkins says (below), we need both.
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    Jan 9 2012: The mind without the heart has no destination, the heart without the mind has no navigation.
    Only heart matters, mind has to follow.
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      Jan 9 2012: yes I should have explained the question. Thanks.
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          Jan 9 2012: my whole body. As pointed out by Mr.DAN.
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    Jan 8 2012: What I choose in dilemma - should I do what I want or what society wants? (In many cases, the question may sound like this.) It depends on situation.
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    Jan 8 2012: I go with my gut feeling ... whenever I need to make an important decision in my life 'cause I believe that I have good intuition. :)
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      Jan 10 2012: And i think this strategy is often wise but not always correct. Apparently we respond/feel through maladaptive behaviours which are not useful or beneficial in our current environment /culture. So it is best to think things through and then again, unless as i say there's a Tiger on the loose.
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        Jan 13 2012: You may be right, Phillip ... and just as well I believe that you should use a pinch of common sense when making essential decisions about your life so I guess we agree on that. :)
  • Jan 8 2012: I presume by heart you mean the metaphoric one, a.k.a emotion. It depends on what is at stake with regards to the decision. When I eat, I do not take much consideration of my calorie intake and what not. I just choose by preference. With my view of the world (religion type questions), along with other things involving trying to understand the universe (science), I do my best to ignore my "heart" as much as possible to avoid getting lead away from the truth by what I want to believe rather then.

    With trusting people, and things like that I kind of just use a little of both. If I rely entirely on my heart with regard to trust, I'd be leaving myself open to being conned. If I rely entirely on my mind, then I can't say that I wouldn't wall myself off from the rest of the world.