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How come Latin America is not categorized as part of the west society ?

Clearly, its hard to categorize Latin America as part of the West, but why ? Latin America, just like North America was populated by the Europeans. The north was populated by the English and the French and the South was populated by the Spanish and Portuguese. How come all Europe including Spain and Portugal together with North America are all part of the so called Western society, but Latin America that has also been populated by Europeans is not categorized as a Western society ? How come ? That doesn't make any sense..

  • Jan 8 2012: I don't entirely follow. Who says Latin America isn't a part of western society?
    • Jan 8 2012: Neil Ferguson and company. And besides, isn't it obvious ?
      • Jan 8 2012: I would not say they are the authority on what is a part of western society. Two presidents in history have taken up doctrines that essentially claim that they will not allow Imperialist nations to attempt to colonize any further then they once did. If it is any consolation, most people do consider latin america a part of the western hemisphere.