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how to discover yourself?

We have been life so long but sometime we still questioning our self what was really we want on our life, what is our goal?sometime people disagree with us or when we make our opinion they probably think uncommon, so we just can lack our self without found the answered. Sometime you see you have some talented but it is not really your passion you dont know how to choose which is the right choice. Probably you want go out on some place which is you can discover yourself. You see ignorance, doubting,skeptic and you already tired with all things.

As we see the reality on teenage there are a lot of teen go with wrong decision they took drugs,free sex,etc because they just want feel better and escape from everything, we cant blame them with what was happened because they need to be listen and caring.

Some people use their mask and hide everything . they grew on the self destruction and depression with the situation.So what is means of self discovery?how we know we already on our self discovery?


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  • Jan 8 2012: The issue of finding or discovering oneself is far too complicated to deal with in this short format. Although I do not believe any religion has the absolute answers to our doubts and misery, Buddhism does make some very interesting points about oneself and the world around us. It says, for example, that if men were only able to sit quietly for some period of time and think clearly, most of our greatest troubles in the world would be overcome. This, of course, is the path of meditation. Regarding knowing oneself and all around us Buddhism also says one very troubling thing: Nothing is ever what it appears to be. If one can accept this notion without judging it as cynical, but instead understand it for part of what it is then we can get closer to self-understanging. Nothing, in fact, is ever what it appears to be, especially regarding the self.
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      Jan 9 2012: thankyou for your opinion alexander beltran. well its good about let ourself to be alone like doinf mediation,self assesment etc,that would be intersting..:) i also facinated about buddhism thought i have been learning general point about buddhism thought and perspective even not really much. Probably i wll reading much books about buddhism or searching on the website. Anyways do you know any website which is i can learning about buddhism as begginer?

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