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Most people want to change their lives, yet they are afraid to take actions. How can we encourage them to take the necessary actions

For most people, taking the necessary actions to change their lives require commitments of effort and time which will invariably add more stress to their lives AND because there is always a possibility that their lives might not change eventhough they have taken actions, majority choose to take the safer path of remaining status quo

I would like to get ideas from the public on how to encourage them to take actions BECAUSE if more people are willing to do so, we will end up with a world where, there will be more satisfied individuals.


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    Jan 10 2012: support people in there transitonal period, help econmicaly, help creativly, help as much as possible in the change. in this they will probably do the same when they see the fruit of this change
    • Jan 13 2012: Tim, I guess your idea is the best help we can offer. Thanks

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