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How can we bring clean drinking water to the needy ? For those who trek tens of miles to collect water and carry it on their heads.

In many countries, drinking water is often collected from a source that is miles away from home and the task has to be repeated 365 days of the year by the women who carry the water load on their heads. We have managed to electrify villages, bring the mobile phone technology and have managed to provide them with broadband too. But how can the basic need of clean drinking water be met ?

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    Jan 9 2012: for example the acumen fund is working on the issue
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    Jan 9 2012: Its all to do with the imbalance of power. Those whose every waking minute is governed by the need to get the basic human requirements have no time/energy left to protest. Perhaps it is a way of controlling large numbers of people and keeping them oppressed. I cannot imagine not being able to just turn on the tap - it's beyond my experience, so it's more difficult to empathise. Perhaps raising questions like this on Ted is a small way in which to raise awareness.