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What are the 10 Mistakes we all make?

As long as man has existed, mistake has been his faithful companion. Across cultures, traditions and societies , all make mistakes, some funny and some not so funny! However, there seem to be certain events or phenomenon that just repeat itself in every person's life; a common set of slips and errors in judgement that invariably we all commit. Maybe if we have a list, life could be much easier...

Here's my top 10:

1. Belief that we should never make any mistakes.
2. Turning a blind eye to our mistakes.
3. Letting emotions cloud our judgement.
4. Stop learning and educating ourselves.
5. Giving up too easily.
6. Looking for short-cuts and quick-fixes to our problems.
7. Assuming we are smarter than others.
8. Not taking responsibility for our life.
9. Forgetting to enjoy and celebrate life and family.
10. Repeating any of the above.

I am sure each one of us can relate to atleast one of the above. Do share your list of bloopers as long as it may be..
Surely, we all can learn and enjoy the foibles of life and it feels good to know that we all have made the same boo-boo!!!

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  • Jan 12 2012: I have asked similar questions many times before. Sometimes I got no answers at all, sometimes I got different answers to the same question dependent upon when and how I felt when answering. After many years I finally realized that probably I have asked "wrong" questions.
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      Jan 12 2012: haha...people are pretty conservative when it comes to introspecting oneself critically I guess...anyway, even one good reply will is enough to make people think....in the end I think that counts for more..
      • Jan 12 2012: I feel there is a list in a list of mistakes.First, WE deny we've made a mistake. Second, We don't take responsibility for our mistakes and then we don"t apologize (then we"d be admitting we've even made a mistake) Think About It. It"s got to be a pride thing-i don"t know.
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          Jan 12 2012: As vivek in the above comment pointed out, it is an ego issue, but if I were to zero in on the problem, i would say that sometimes, the realisation that our judgement has failed us pushes us into a vulnerable situation and to overcome it, as a defence mechanism we tend to ignore it. Usually following a mistake of grave naturem our confidence level takes a drive down and we become too cautious.

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