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learning languages and decrease the gap of cultures between people from other countries?

we can communicate with other by speaking
but what is the role of learning more languages make u can communicate with other better and batter?
and how u can learn languages?
and how learning languages make you creative and successful in your life?


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    Jan 7 2012: well actually learning their local language at least make you easier communicate with people from others country,
    at the first we can learn another cultural from different people on this world and think out of the box we see differences people not to find problem but richness of cultural,language etc and its increased our self to develop ,

    second i can say nowdays english become international language, people make comitment make english as international language to communicate each others its because we want make the same perception.

    third probably if we know just one language in this world how is bored this world thats why we learn various language on this world, it make world more interesting.
    • Jan 8 2012: actually learning languages and various languages is very interesting

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