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learning languages and decrease the gap of cultures between people from other countries?

we can communicate with other by speaking
but what is the role of learning more languages make u can communicate with other better and batter?
and how u can learn languages?
and how learning languages make you creative and successful in your life?


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  • Jan 7 2012: Esperanto. If not, Esperanto, then I want everyone to learn my language, so I don't have to spend time learning all the zillions of languages that are spoken all over our lovely planet Earth. We could create a new language called EARTH (like the Esperanto concept) and teach it to all children and adults. That might be nice. Perhaps an equal number of male and female linguists from different parts of our wonderful Earth home could get together an co-create a new Earth language.
    • Jan 7 2012: good idea but why we make a new language i advise people all over the world to learn arabic and make arabic the language of the world
      in islam the people who enter paradise will speak arabic so we can speak arabic in life and after death in paradsie if we enter it god willing
      • Jan 7 2012: I advise everyone in the world to learn English and make English the language of the world. Otherwise, I advise EQUAL QUANTITIES OF MALES AND FEMALES to sit together AS EQUALS and CO-CREATE one new language for our entire wonderful planet of EARTH. Perhaps in co-creating this new EARTH LANGUAGE, we may choose to create a greater quantity of POSITIVE WORDS than negative words. Since people often think and act in words, perhaps that will cause a more positive world to exist. Kareem, you happened to have been born into Islam. Suppose you were born into Hinduism or Buddhism or Christianity or Judaism. Perhaps all religions are EQUAL and DIFFERENT. Suppose every member of every religion was certain that their religion was the one true religion..........POWER TO THE POSITIVE.
        • Jan 8 2012: thanx for your comment
          why when the person born in religion he die in the same religion? the christian is chirstian becauz his father and mother are chirstians .........and all people take her parents religion and diidnt try to ask what is the best religion my religion or other one we must search for the truth relgion we must find the best religion why we dont do that we didnt try to discuss our thoughts with others and every one say my religion is the best thats wrong words the right religion is one only

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